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Camilo And Evaluna Montaner Have Joined Forces For ‘Machu Picchu’

Camilo And Evaluna Montaner Have Joined Forces For ‘Machu Picchu’

Camilo and Evaluna

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Camilo has unveiled his latest single ‘Machu Picchu’ with Evaluna Montaner that is accompanied by a beautiful music video. ‘Machu Picchu’ is the fourth single from Camilo’s latest album titled Mis Manos (My Hands) which is released today, on March 5 via Sony Music Latin/Hecho a Mano at all digital music outlets.

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And to kick off the release week of Mis Manos (My Hands), Camilo’s most important work yet, he surprised his fans with the release of his newest single ‘Machu Picchu’ featuring Evaluna Montaner. Directed by Evaluna along with Santiago, this track is accompanied by a gorgeous music video that was filmed in China, Colombia. Check out the stunning visuals below:

Image Source: Camilo and Evaluna Montaner for Machu Picchu (Official Video)

Recently, Camilo & Evaluna Montaner joined Zane Lowe on Apple Music to discuss their new song together. They discussed the song’s origin, their creative processes, first impressions of each other, and also revealed if there’s a joint music project in the future. Check out the key highlights below and listen to the whole interview here on Apple Music!

Camilo & Evaluna Share About ‘Machu Picchu‘:
Camilo: “…our songs and our careers are very close to our personal experience. And we’ve been talking about what we’re living and the stories of our present when we just met, when we got married, when we moved together, when we went into our honeymoon, we’ve been sharing all of those moments and we really needed to share this intimate place that we’re talking about in this song, ‘Machu Picchu.

Evaluna: This song, first of all, Camilo wrote a while ago, the main structure of the song. And every time he would play the demo, I told him “I need to sing this song with you. I don’t care. I don’t care, but I need to sing it with you. I love this song so much. And it has to be done by a guy and a girl. And I think it should be us. I love it. Honestly, this song, I think, for me as an artist, it’s a great step forward because this is kind of the first song that I sing that makes me feel really sexy. And I think that’s important too. And, in my relationship with Cami, I feel extremely sexy. And I think that this song kind of shows that part of it too.

Camilo & Evaluna Share Their First Impressions of Each Other:
Evaluna: I thought he was really cool. I thought he was awesome.
Camilo: I didn’t have the moustache.
Evaluna: You didn’t have the moustache, then.
Camilo: Well, I remember that I was really… And I’ve been like writing songs about that moment when I just saw her. At that moment I had a girlfriend, so I didn’t think about it like “Wow, this girl.” But I was very impressed.
Evaluna: I had a boyfriend too.
Camilo: Yeah, but I had this beautiful impression of her, her energy, her eyes when she smiles, it’s like little eyes, like little lines. So I was in love with that.

Camilo and Evaluna Montaner for ‘Machu Picchu’ via Instagram

Camilo Shares About Getting Feedback On Music From Evaluna:
Camilo: She’s the main and the last filter of every idea I have in my head. If I think a chorus is a great chorus, but I show it to her and she’s like “Yeah, like it”, I completely throw it away. She’s the main filter. If she loves it, it’s going to be a great song. And she doesn’t, it’s not. And the visual content of everything, the making of all my entire album has passed that main filter. Because she’s the focus of my inspiration. So, if I make her feel something, I know it means I’m going to make the people on the other side feel the same. You’re the main filter, mi amor. You know that.

Camilo & Evaluna Share Whether They Will Have An Album Together At Some Point:
Evaluna: Right now, I’m working on my album, Camilo is about to release his, but eventually I do think that we are going to have an album together. And this is me saying that for the first time. So we’re saying it here with you.

Camilo: 100%. And even when it looks like we have different projects and we work on different things, we are doing everything together. We are writing, producing and doing her album that we’re making right now, together all the time. And this step, right before my album, because my album, this March, the fifth, in three days, it’s going to come out and I’m super proud that the door of the album is going to open with this song. So every visual piece of content of the album, I made it with her, every song, she was the main filter. So, we’re doing everything together, man. I’m happy.

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Well, we know that we already can’t wait to know when our favorite duo will come together to give us a masterpiece, what about you? And what do you think of ‘Machu Picchu?’ Share your thoughts in the comments section below or you can also tweet to us at @TheHoneyPOP! Connect with us on Facebook and Instagram!

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Featured Image Source: Camilo and Evaluna Monataner- Still shot from YouTube video/ Zane Lowe on Apple Music

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