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Chase Atlantic Shows Us The BEAUTY IN DEATH

Chase Atlantic Shows Us The BEAUTY IN DEATH

Okay, let’s talk about Chase Atlantic. Where do we even begin? If you haven’t heard of these guys yet, we’re about to blow your minds. The Australian-born, LA-based band has a sound that’s hard to pin down. They’re known for experimenting with genres, blending alternative rock/pop vibes with R&B, as well as utilizing synth sounds and what can only be described as psychedelic vibes. Their new album BEAUTY IN DEATH is no exception. They’ve taken it one step further, adding brand new musical layers to their tracks, a direction that really paid off. Returning to their Dalliance EP roots, the band turned home into the office, like so many others did when the pandemic hit, and recorded the songs at home in their own studio. 

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The band describes this new era as darker and more aesthetically pleasing compared to their last. Not only that, but they’re more confident in themselves and the music that they’re releasing than ever before. That confidence is 100% warranted. BEAUTY IN DEATH shows us that their creativity and talent don’t seem to be hitting any limits any time soon.


The first of three BEAUTY IN DEATH singles released, ‘OUT THE ROOF’ is a perfect example of newly added dimensions in Chase Atlantic’s music. While it still has all the elements that fans recognize in their music, such as synth sounds and an upbeat hook, the inclusion of Middle Eastern musical elements, combined with the sounds of a saxophone, takes this song to entirely new heights. The saxophone is definitely a recurring element in their songs. You can hear it in the other two singles, as well. 


The second BEAUTY IN DEATH single, ‘MOLLY’ incorporates the saxophone as the song fades out. This track’s catchy hook of a chorus will get stuck in your head. Honestly, Chase Atlantic’s hooks are pretty notable in general. It’s another element of their music that stands out. Of course, not many artists are pushing musical borders the way they are. So that definitely helps them stand out, too. While ‘OUT THE ROOF’ is a bit of a hard-hitting, intense track sound-wise, ‘MOLLY’ is laid-back in comparison. Lyrically, though, it’s just as intense as some of Chase Atlantic’s other tracks. ‘MOLLY’ is a double entendre as well. It’s not uncommon to see in music, but Chase Atlantic’s musical direction combined with the double entendre makes it all the more impressive. Are they singing to a girl named Molly? To the drug? That’s up to your lyrical interpretation we suppose. 

Molly you were there for me,
When no-one ever cared for me,
You tried, Thank you for getting me high


We can’t get over the vibes of this song, production-wise and lyrically. ‘SLIDE’ is the third BEAUTY IN DEATH single, and our one-word description of this track is: transcendent. The vocals on this track combined with its synth elements transport you somewhere else – we don’t know where exactly, but it almost feels like floating. And, of course, the saxophone makes its appearance once again. This is definitely one of the strongest tracks off of BEAUTY IN DEATH. 

Aside from the singles, tracks like ‘CALL ME BACK’ and ‘WASTED’ are incredible displays of talent as well. It’s worth noting that the vocals on every single song off of this project are absolutely flawless, not that that’s surprising. ‘CALL ME BACK’ is a favorite of ours. It’s definitely one of the more emotional-sounding tracks on the album, which you can hear in their voices. They’ve managed to infuse that emotion into a well-delivered hook, so you can be sad about waiting for a callback but vibing at the same time. And tbh, sometimes that’s just what you need. ‘WASTED’ leans more towards an alt-pop/rock vibe than some of the songs previously mentioned, adding more diversity to the sound of this album. The chorus draws you in, proving yet again that Chase Atlantic knows how to give us phenomenal hooks.


‘EMPTY’ is another great track off of this album. The lyrics and the production? Amazing. The vocals? Flawless. We can’t get enough. The title track, ‘BEAUTY IN DEATH,’ closes out the album. It’s more uptempo and the chorus reminds us, musically, of The 1975, combined, of course, with Chase Atlantic’s unique blending of sounds. It’s a strong way to round out the album and ties the whole thing together. 

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Hopefully, by the time you’ve hit this sentence (we hope you have hit this sentence), we’ve successfully convinced you to listen to this album. BEAUTY IN DEATH is an incredible musical endeavor and Chase Atlantic has proved that no one is doing it quite like them. Any artist looking to them for inspiration should take notes, it pays to take risks and experiment with sounds and genres.

What do you think of the album? Which song is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below or hit us up on Twitter over @TheHoneyPop! You can also hit us up on Facebook and Instagram!


Featured Image Source: Ryan Watanabe

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