Don’t Call Bailey Bryan, She Won’t Answer

Don’t Call Bailey Bryan, She Won’t Answer

As proud members of the sensitive bad bitches club, anytime we get new Bailey Bryan music, we are on cloud nine. She simply never misses; just look at songs like ‘Sober’ and ‘Play w/ Me! And of course, ‘Don’t Call Me’ is no different.

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‘Don’t Call Me’ is a smash. Period. Bailey Bryan gets it. She embodies this mentality all focused around moving on from toxic situations. She’s the voice for the feelings we can’t quite put into words on our own. This track makes us want to scream the words with friends after a breakup. It’s the perfect calm after the storm, taking back your power and letting the other person know you aren’t theirs anymore.

The line “I renamed your number “Do Not Answer” is genius. It’s also a life lesson we can all take. Can we just all take a moment to do this with that toxic person we always go back to?

This video radiates all the energy we were, so hoping it would. It shows Bailey Bryan being the strong, beautiful woman she is, and we love to see it! The different scene setups are all stunning, but we are partial to the mansion scenes. The lighting? Stunning. The Outfits? On point. All around, good vibes and a group of girls we are ready to kick it with! And the bathtub scene? Totally unmatched.

You can stream ‘Don’t Call Me’ here!

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