girl in red Gives Us ‘Serotonin’ With Her Newest Track

girl in red Gives Us ‘Serotonin’ With Her Newest Track

Let us do the honor of introducing you to your new favorite artist, girl in red. She is an up-and-coming force in the industry and makes this true to herself music that has found its way into millions of playlists.

girl in red has announced her album if i could make it go quiet will be coming out on April 30th and will feature her latest single, ‘Serotonin’, and you can pre-order it right here!

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Starting off a track with the chorus is a bold move but one that completely paid off in ‘Serotonin.’ This song is heavy. You hear the chorus hit and think automatically it could be on the soundtrack to a montage during a coming of age movie. But then you get into the verses, and it’s the heaviest lyrics you’ve ever heard.

Dealing with mental illness is the most painful thing possible, and we are so impressed with girl in red for being able to put that into words as she did in ‘Serotonin.’ The line “There’s no depth to these feelings” hits. It’s such a unifying thing we all deal with, feeling like you’re feeling intense emotions for no reason, constantly trying to chase ‘Serotonin’ but not being able to capture it.

girl in red – ‘serotonin’

While ‘Serotonin’ may be hard to listen to if you’re struggling with depression, it shows how raw girl in red is willing to be in her music. People can see themselves in her lyrics, and that is the kind of thing that builds a long-lasting career. With ‘Serotonin’ being this good, we certainly can’t wait to hear the rest of the album.

You can stream ‘Serotonin’ here!

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