Leila Cobo Talks With Luis Fonsi on Decoding “Despacito”

Leila Cobo Talks With Luis Fonsi on Decoding “Despacito”

This week, we had a great opportunity and we cannot stop talking about it. We got the chance to join a live-stream with Leila Cobo and Luis Fonsi, who is well known for his biggest hit ‘Despacito.’ Feeling nostalgic, aren’t we? The meeting was filled with a discussion about the brand new book called Decoding “Despacito” written by the one and only Leila Cobo. The author is the vice president and Latin industry lead at Billboard and heads the Billboard Latin Music Conference. She has published two novels and three books about Latin music, including a top-selling biography of the late Jenni Rivera. We cannot say more than just “Congratulations!” Decoding “Despacito” tracks the stories behind the biggest Latin hits of the past fifty years, from the salsa born and bred in the streets of New York City to Puerto Rico.

The event was full of good jokes and actual important knowledge about Latin music and how it reflects on our lives, even if we don’t quite catch it. We heard a great story behind the creation of the book, and what we appreciate the most is the way Leila talked when it came to her love of music and journalism. We felt like we could relate to that! What is also interesting is that Leila is a musician and also judges the music.

Personally, it gave us a great new point of view on Latin music. The book not only talks about the story of Luis Fonsi’s hit, but also about our favorites from Shakira, Daddy Yankee, and Enrique Iglesias; we also cannot forget about Rosalia here. What we wanna say here is that Leila wrote about 19 songs, which equals 19 (!!!) chapters. Overall, the book is about the stories you’ve never heard from the artists you’ve adored, probably without even knowing it. We mean…who hasn’t sung ‘Despacito,’ at least once. So all we’ve got to say is, if you ever see this book, buy it, read it, and give us your opinion! Because from what we’ve heard from Leila and Luis, it would be a shame to miss it!

What do you think of the book? What’s your favorite chapter? Let us know on Twitter @TheHoneyPOP. Want to read more about your favorite artists? Well, you’re at the right place!



Featured image source courtesy of Leila Cobo

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