‘Run For Cover’ Black Honey’s Written And Directed is ‘Fire’

‘Run For Cover’ Black Honey’s Written And Directed is ‘Fire’

Forget the nightclub vibes of the self-titled debut from Brighton’s four-piece Black Honey! Get into the rock powerhouse! Izzy B. Phillips and her gang evolved into some cinematic beast on their sophomore album Written And Directed. Kicking out their previous disco vibes, Black Honey inspires us with their new dark heavy metal songs. We’re absolutely in love with that rocking evolution. You’ll see why in this track-by-track overview. Full of bangers, it’s guaranteed!

‘I Like The Way You Die’

What a great bomb to kick off the album with pure energy! Dirty percussions and edgy guitars set perfectly a blues-country strong really bold vibes!

‘Run For Cover’

Co-written by Izzy B. Phillips and Royal Blood Mike Kerr, the surf-punk number is glittering. Wanna dump your boyfriend? No problem! ‘Run For Cover’ is full of supportive empowerments! Keep strong girlies!


Stomp your feet and get them dancing in the sand! This retro-inspired track is full of hooks to get the party started. The trumpets add their own flavors. Two words to describe it: cheeky and exciting!

‘Back Of The Bar’

Calming down a bit with soft staccatos, ‘Back Of The Bar’ is such an escape to reality. “All I do is dream of you,” hums Izzy in a Ronettes-like tone. We fell for the cute chorus harmonies.


This track is perfect for sing-alongs with your friends. Don’t be afraid of what others think! No matter who we are, just believe in yourself. Find your inner peace and just enjoy the groovy guitar riffs and beats.

‘I Do It To Myself’

Yeah, Black Honey can be melancholic and they proved it on ‘I Do It To Myself.’ In slow motion, Phillips sings about broken hearts, broken homes, and walking in contradictions. Crunchy as hell, it reminds us of 90s grunge girl power mixed with some heavy blues notes.


Horror movie you said? ‘Disinfect’ is addictive, harsh and so appropriate for our times. Anger? Demotivation? It’s all expressed in one in some pure cinematic aesthetic. ‘Disinfect’ hits hard but we relate to that bullwhip about today’s society.

‘Summer ‘92’

Just another romantic song you say? Of course, it has the typical onomatopoeia melodies of a retro love song. Though, this time, it’s the woman that leads it all, putting a little twist on the track. “Take me for a ride all night” is resonating like a mantra on this summertime mood number.

Black Honey for Written And Directed shoot
Image Source: Spotify


Lyrically empowering, ‘Fire’ debuts with some simple folkish guitar to transform itself in a rhythmic pop song. You are entitled to your own views, be yourself, and keep your head up. Women are strong and that’s the message. Clear?


Of course Black Honey can do the disco or rock the heavy way. ‘Gabrielle’ is different, the band exploring the acoustic side of their music. Soft and tender, there was no better way to close this ten tracks album.

Fierce and unashamedly good, we’re awaiting the full-throttle record in two little weeks with so much excitement!

Written And Directed is due for release on March 19th through Foxfive Records.

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Featured Image Source: Black Honey Press Shot

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