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Charlotte Lawrence’s New EP Is Staying On Repeat

Charlotte Lawrence’s New EP Is Staying On Repeat

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Charlotte Lawrence is back and this time it’s with an EP titled Charlotte. In typical Charlotte Lawrence fashion, it’s everything we could have asked for. We suggest you join us in streaming this work of art by clicking here! Charlotte features seven tracks and we simply can’t wait to dive into this!

‘Talk You Down’

‘Talk You Down’ is the perfect opening track for Charlotte. Plain and simple. It’s a song we already know, love, and it still holds up, both on its own and in the context of the EP! Nothing hits quite like a dance song that is jam-packed full of heavy-hitting lyrics. Dancing while screaming the words to a song about feelings that feel irrational sounds like our ideal night.


The second track off Charlotte is this stunning ethereal track ‘You.’ Charlotte’s voice in the song is so soft and delicate. The visuals being based around the color pink makes perfect sense, this song feels pink. All the soft emotions that come with falling in love are all on full display in ‘You.’

‘Sin x Secret’

Ah yes, the ‘we know we’re toxic for each other but f*** it’ trope. We truly do love to see it! Something exciting comes with being with someone you know you shouldn’t be. Charlotte sings about that excitement saying “I’m hangin on to the thrill, babe.” Secret little rendezvous make the perfect topic for a song.

‘Slow Motion’

Track 4 off Charlotte offers up a track that you just want to vibe to. It has this dark pop feel with a dance infusion and we can’t get enough. You are getting these beautiful high notes from Charlotte Lawrence and they are just perfectly scattered throughout the track. This is a stand-out song so far for us.


Charlotte did what she came to do with this song. We are going to have ‘Cowboys’ on repeat forevermore. This song deserves to be played at night with the wind in your hair just straight vibing. We are going to need 7-10 business days to process how good the track is. Charlotte has such a unique tone to her voice specifically in this song that we can’t get enough of.


The wordplay in this track puts Charlotte on a whole other level of a wordsmith. The whole EP is lyrically strong but ‘Rx’ takes the cake. We just keep replaying this track and finding another lyric that stands out every time. “We only want our exes when we get depressive,” come on! Pure genius!

‘Why Do You Love Me’

This is the perfect closer to Charlotte. The instrumental, aside from the lyrics, so Billie Eilish-esque, we are obsessed! But of course, we have to get into these lyrics! The concept of exploring what is a mutually toxic relationship makes the perfect song.

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