Dean Lewis Has Blown Us Away Once Again With ‘Falling Up’

Dean Lewis Has Blown Us Away Once Again With ‘Falling Up’

Dean Lewis has the voice of an angel, ‘Falling Up’ is cold hard proof. There are very few artists that have a tone that is even close to being on the same level Dean Lewis is on.

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‘Falling Up’ is heartbreaking while having the upswing in the form of upbeat music. It’s the raw lyrics we’ve grown accustomed to when it comes to Dean Lewis. He can’t help but be open and raw in his music and that’s the sign of master the art of songwriting. Dean could teach a class on emoting through his voice, he does it all too well.

Like who writes “My mind was traveling, But I swear that I don’t remember where it went?” A genius that’s who. We will certainly have this on repeat for all of our driving-at-night-screaming-the-words car rides. These words just need to be yelled, you know? It’s only right.

You can stream ‘Falling Up’ by Dean Lewis here!

So not only does Dean Lewis emote through his voice perfectly but he somehow is capable of doing it even better through facial expressions. Everything about this video is beautiful. We will simply never turn down a good scene singing while looking outside the window. It’s a trope we can’t get enough of. We have to admit we’ve never danced in an abandoned casino but it’s now on the bucket list.

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