Kylie & Dua Lipa Pop The Disco Ball!

Kylie & Dua Lipa Pop The Disco Ball!

Do you want to turn back in time for a beautiful explosion of colors? Powerful new pop sweetheart Dua Lipa joined forces with 80’s hitmaker Kylie for ‘Real Groove’ during her show Studio 2054

Producer Initial Talk attacked the electrifying song in rocking pulsations! The video is out now, traveling back in the good old eighties. Needed nostalgia? You’re gonna be served!

These Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Picturing Kylie on tour in Japan in all her glory, the ‘Real Groove’ remix video captures the song’s mood the best way ever. Footage from 1989 shows the old-school glamorous era, just like the remix vibe! The images quickly put a smile on our faces, seeing Kylie slaying different looks and choreographs.

Kylie Minogue
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Girls keep their fluorescent glow, looking gorgeous, even in the kitsch hairspray over-usage era. Remember The WeddinSinger with Adam Sandler? It’s stylish like this. We just want to have fun, like Cindy Lauper stating in her classic song. Only to prove our point! Kylie teaming up with her new protégée Dua Lipa wants to show us the joys of life and happiness on their vocal ventures. Period!

Both Dua Lipa and Kylie are empowering with their ear worm bops! With a combined total of 35 UK Top 5 singles, they know how to catch the ‘Real Groove.’ Don’t they?

Infectious Retro Beats

Perfect fit, you say? Poptastic queens Dua Lipa and Kylie found themselves performing ‘Real Groove’ originally on the epic Studio 2054 last year. Infectious tones mark the brand new remix by Initial Talk. Both singers echoing in sync, in a retro 8-bit disco way.

Fancy your new party look once the pandemic’s over? Just head over here to watch the ‘Real Groove Initial Talk Remix’ official video.

Kylie Minogue x Dua Lipa – Real Groove

Get your stroboscope on your living room ceiling and your big fluffy clothes! Get ready to dance the night away! Make sure to grab your copy on iTunes or add this on your Spotify playlist if you wanna get your party started!

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Featured image source: Getty/Reuters

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