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Zara Larsson Released Poster Girl And We Are Obsessed

Zara Larsson Released Poster Girl And We Are Obsessed

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Everyone remain calm! Zara Larsson has just released Poster Girl and we have lost all chill. This is a beyond stellar project and we can hardly wait to dive into it with you! You can get the album here!

Zara Larsson will be doing a livestream on March 8th where you can hear these brilliant songs come to life! Click here to watch!

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‘Love Me Land’

That’s how you open an album! We took this song as it could be about self-love or about finally falling in love with another person after feeling like you couldn’t find love again. Zara Larsson really killed it with this dreamy vibe that feels almost ethereal. It’s true pop music in its purest form and we have a feeling this whole album is going to be a pop masterpiece.

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‘Talk About Love (feat. Young Thug)’

This acts as the only collaboration on Poster Girl and it’s the perfect collaboration. Zara Larsson and Young Thug on one track just fits. His flow with her bright soft voice in this track is what we like to hear. We could hear this track being massively successful on mainstream radio, it’s got that catchy element that works well on radio.

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‘Need Someone’

We can’t get enough of this track. It’s such an empowering place to get to when you realize that you don’t need another person to be happy. You want to be in a relationship with someone but you are well aware you don’t need them; it’s a place we can all hope to get to. This bright pop song deserves to be listened to while driving around during a sunny day, it just makes sense.

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‘Right Here’

Well, this is heartbreaking. Zara Larsson just perfected making an upbeat pop song with this concept that isn’t as cheerful. Having a relationship where you feel like you’re the only one interested can ruin every other relationship in the future and make you question self-worth. This song just hits different.

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This EDM-infused track is everything we’ve ever wanted. And those little wows in the background are just *chef’s kiss*. We need a Young Bombs remix of this track immediately so it can be full-on rave-ready. Zara Larsson was not playing games with this one.

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‘Poster Girl’

Well hey, title track! This song is automatically giving us favorite track potential. Zara Larsson has proven with this album that she is a genius with lyrics and this track just further proves that. “I’m not the poster girl of feelings, but with you, I can’t stop” is just too good. We feel this one all too deep.

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‘I Need Love’

Zara Larsson has just aced putting our thoughts into words so beautifully on this entire album. We don’t know how she does it but she’s killing it. This song is ringing true. We are constantly telling ourselves we’re okay being single but then the realization hits and you’re like oh sh*t? Maybe I need love. Plus, it’s a complete bop.

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‘Look What You’ve Done’

We had the pleasure of covering this track when Zara Larsson first put it out as a single and it still holds up. It’s this complete admission of getting yourself back after a relationship and thanking the other person for that. We love to see personal growth!

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‘Ruin My Life’

This is one of the best songs released in the last several years. We are saying that here and now. It’s the ultimate catching feelings song and we have had it on repeat since its release that came way before this album. Zara Larsson is no stranger to releasing absolute smashes.

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‘Stick With You’

Listening to this record makes it clear that Zara Larsson writes about relationships seamlessly. She’s a complete wordsmith. We are all out there looking for someone to relate this song to. This track would fit perfectly for a photomontage with your significant other.

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Okay, we love this! Falling for a friend is a situation that can be so messy but leave it to Zara Larsson to make it sound like a dream! We simply can’t wait to be in clubs singing this song while dancing with all our friends. It may sound like a fever dream at the moment but it’s coming!

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‘What Happens Here’

We can hardly believe we’ve reached the end of the album! Zara Larsson made this incredibly beautiful sonically cohesive work of art and we can’t wait to have it on repeat. ‘What Happens Here’ is the perfect album closer. It’s upbeat and poppy and we love it!

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We would love to hear from you! What is your favorite song from Poster Girl? Let us know by commenting down below or tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP! We are also on Facebook and Instagram!

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