Miley Cyrus New Video ‘Angels Like You’ Will Tear You Up!

Miley Cyrus New Video ‘Angels Like You’ Will Tear You Up!

Miley Cyrus. An angel or a demon? Newly signed to Columbia Records, the pop-turned-rock princess unveiled her video ‘Angels Like You.’

She may have been the beloved Disney sitcom little girl in Hannah Montana (yeah, the old episodes are still a big mental boost for us on Disney+), but she showed the world that she has grown up. We have seen her doing the most controversial and weird things in the past, but Miley Cyrus is still a big role model for us.

Be A Woman, Be Strong

She taught us to be strong. Right on time for Women’s International Day, she dropped the short-film for ‘Angels Like You.’ Being powerful is not only ranting! She puts in pictures that sticking together can overcome anything.

Feeling The Tears

Filmed during the last Superbowl, Miley Cyrus performed in front of healthcare workers. They are our heroes, and the platinum blonde singer encourages people to fight against the pandemic.

She left us this message of hope at the very end of the tearing video. The vaccinated front line workers risked their lives every single day who braved the big storm. Charged with emotion, her voice cracking the rock’n’roll ballad way, ‘Angels Like You’ is like the modern version of Bonnie Tyler’s ‘Total Eclipse Of The Heart’. So poignant!

Keeping the classic vibes, the ‘Angels Like You’ music video relates to Miley‘s new image. In a Woodstock-like frame, the captured performance looks like it took place during the hippie days. The love gathers, and we see these smashing YouTube views going up, nearly at six hundred thousand for the release day! You go, queen!

Miley Goes Number One!

Miley Cyrus new album Plastic Hearts, her seventh in her career, earned great success through the rock community. The album debuted at number one on the Billboard rock chart and number two on Top 200. She smashed records after records and scored a well-done milestone of being the female artist with the most top 10 album debuts on the chart this century. Big up to you, Miley!

Watch ‘Angels Like You’ video here:

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You can grab your Plastic Hearts digital or physical copy or stream here.


Featured image source: Courtesy of Mick Rock for Rolling Stone

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