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Jaz Elise Has Found Her Golden Hour

Jaz Elise Has Found Her Golden Hour

Allow us to introduce you to your new favorite artist, Jaz Elise. Jaz Elise is this incredibly beautiful artist who puts her all into her art. She has recently released her debut EP, The Golden Hour. It features seven songs, including a remix of ‘Fresh & Clean.’ We simply can’t wait to dive headfirst into this project! You can get The Golden Hour here!

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This whole song is just Jaz Elise saying, “I’m a catch,” if you lose me, your loss. And we love to see it! It’s the vibe we are all trying to bring. Especially being a young woman, it’s essential to have that mindset, and it’s put to words so beautifully here. This is the perfect song to put on your makeup to, elevating that baddie mentality.

‘Good Over Evil’

Self-worth seems to be a theme so far on this EP, and we aren’t mad about it. Jaz Elise is making it clear that she is this strong independent woman. We need to pour some wine, take a bath and allow this song to empower us. We need more music about pushing out all the negative vibes.


This is our favorite track so far. Completely a smash. In this song, Jaz Elise dives into a relationship she clearly values. The relationship seems to be lustful and passionate. This song is the perfect soundtrack to a night with your partner. On top of loving the lyrical content, her voice is stunning.

‘Fresh & Clean (feat. Govana)’

A track with a remix we were hoping for. Govana advances this track to new heights. We keep finding ourselves going back and listening to this track, and that’s when you know it’s killer. We can only imagine how great a live performance this will be once the world is back to normal.

‘After 3 (feat. Mortimer)’

Jaz Elise sounds unrealistically ethereal in this track. Her voice flows so effortlessly with the beat and makes this a standout track for sure. And then you get Mortimer, who takes it up to the next level. This was a perfect collaboration. The whole song is just meant to vibe to.


Jaz Elise ripped a page out of our diaries with this one. She is singing of a love that feels like it’s slipping away, and that’s an all too relatable feeling. That point where you can feel the relationship straying is such a defeating point. Excuse us while we scream the words and get lost in this track.


This track is very calming. It’s all about reaching a point where you realize you need to take a break and ‘Breathe.’ We all get to those points often, and hearing those thoughts put to such beautiful music is just perfect. Jaz Elise blew us away with this closing track!

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