Slaying the ‘First Place’ with bülow

Slaying the ‘First Place’ with bülow

Canadian pop star bülow is smashing it again! This week sees the release of her brand new single ‘First Place.’ We are buzzing! So far, her tracks, including the hit single ‘Not A Love Song,’ and many more, earn in total half a million streams globally. Not bad for a young 21-year-old newcomer, huh? We’re willing to bet that bülow’s next record will be set with ‘First Place!’

One To Watch!

2021 saw the singer-songwriter participating in a sizzling collaboration with Longyu Gao and Mura Masa on ‘She Abunai.’ bülow proved she’s got swag; this collab was an early gift and we are ready for this new one!

Bülow  new song
Image source: Press Photo-Liz Kunst

Friends Or Not?

In ‘First Place,’ bülow finds herself in a one-way relationship where the other character just wants attention. “We were never friends in the first place, so why u tryna be my friend now,” she kicks in instinctively.

With some uptempo blissful drum loops, bülow tells the other one she doesn’t care. “So u feel u know me, No u ain’t my homie, only hit me when u lonely.” Yes, she’s right! Some people can be so dependent at the wrong times. Toxicity is so omnipresent in our social life, but hey, we’ll keep strong and get rid of it!

‘First Place’ is a solid statement about loneliness too! “While I’m dozing out watching re-runs on the screen, why u always hit me up when I’m tryna eat,” she drags in beautiful harmonies. We feel alone, but at the same time we’re introverts, aren’t we?

Image Source: Tenor

We are totally in awe of the grooves. It’s delicate and melodic, and it’s impossible not to bop around at first listen!

Banged over Avril Lavigne melancholic vibes back in the days? Loved the dark soundscape of Billie Eilish? This song is the perfect combination for you! Feeling sad? Listen to ‘First Place’ here. It will fill those needs! Got the feels? Tell us what you think about the new bülow single, below or over on Twitter @TheHoneyPOP or Facebook!

Need more new music? Look here!


Featured image source: Stephanie Sian Smith for Vice

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