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Badflower Brings The Hard-Hitting Reality Of Protecting The Earth In New Single

Badflower Brings The Hard-Hitting Reality Of Protecting The Earth In New Single

Sometimes it takes the raw and honest truth for people to really get the full impact on the reality of a situation. That is exactly what Badflower has set out to do in the new single they released, titled ‘F*ck The World.’ What started as a potential track for a film quickly became an anthem about climate change. The impact past and current generations are making on a planet the future generations will have to populate. Needless to say, we are glad this became a track for the fans!

Badflower cover art for new single f*ck the world.
‘F*ck The World’ Single Artwork From Badflower

On first listen, you can absolutely feel the dread sinking in slowly. This instrumental crushes even slower yet still create a perfect soundscape for singer Josh Katz to completely obliterate us lyrically. With a very nihilistic sound, we are getting that brutal honesty about how our actions impact something so much bigger than any of us can comprehend. Badflower brings climate change and the conversation surrounding it to the main level with ‘F*ck The World.’ What’s more is that even though we can see these issues, it is the future that will feel this the most. The band also touches on a lack of empathy that our world has that reaches far beyond how we treat the planet and how we treat each other. Those moments in this track make us really step back and look at the bigger picture of our actions. 

Here is a little snippet of what Badflower vocalist, Josh Katz, had to say about the new track in a recent PR release:

Climate change is something I feel passionate about and during that time I was heavily engaged in it (there was a critical election going on) and started having this fantasy about a future generation leaving the earth as a result of our generation doing nothing – I couldn’t get that concept out of my head and ended up writing it that way which meant it was way too specific for film placement. I didn’t want to change it so we didn’t and now we’re giving it to all of you instead.

You can listen to the new Badflower track at this link HERE.

With this song coming out and taking such a big swing at a major topic and sounding this good doing it, we can’t wait to see what the newer material is going to sound like. Are you just as excited as we are for more Badflower? Let us know by tweeting us @TheHoneyPop. Don’t forget to also check us out on Instagram and Facebook, too!

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Photo Credit: Jordan Wolfbauer

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