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bbno$ Is BAE And We’re Here To Tell You Why

bbno$ Is BAE And We’re Here To Tell You Why

Who is bbno$? Well, besides a face we wish to kiss (respectfully), he’s an artist that YOU need to look out for.

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bbno$, pronounced baby no money, has got it going on. Alexander Gumuchian, rapper, singer, songwriter based out of Vancouver is known most prominently for his collaborations with Yung Gravy (oh baby) and his single ‘Lalala’ with producer Y2K. Still, we’re here to tell you why he’s bae all on his own.

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Serious Swagger

Before we jump into the delightful discography of entertaining, evolved music that is bbno$, Have you seen his thrift fits? We’ve got to talk about the serious swagger that seems to come effortlessly to him. Besides the signature pink tuque that we’ve all come to know and adore and a perfect set of pearly whites, bbno$ has a style that is unique and entirely lovable. The drip is too real. Who told you to look that good, baby?

Naturally, we have to include the music video to one of bbno$’s latest singles ‘help herself.’ Which has our bae dripping in a strewn of phenomenal fits—thrashing threads AND talent? We’re in.

bbno$ x diamond pistols – ‘help herself’

Baby & Gravy

As you should know, THP loves us some Yung Gravy. So, of course, we’ve got to talk about the baby x gravy bromance as one of our favorite things about the pair! Releasing EP Baby Gravy in 2017, the duo has made music together for quite some time and has a hefty collection of songs. Kicking off 2020 with Baby Gravy 2, we can’t get enough of this tag team. 

So in celebration of these two, we’ve gotta share one of our favorite of the many killer collabs. A truck stop parking lot has never looked better, and boy, do we love us some cereal.

bbno$ & Yung Gravy – ‘iunno’


Varied Vocals

‘Got that paper, went to school.’ Did you know that bbno$ has completed his degree in kinesiology? Banging and brilliant. While there are no regrets on finishing, music held the passion. We sure are glad for that, because the tunes he turns are something extraordinary. 

A stand-out in the genre, his evolved experimental sound is one that we can’t help but find completely charming. Innovative and groovy bbno$ pursues to provide fun-filled-fast paced tunes. Flow ferocious, bbno$ isn’t just that – providing a variety of vocals, you can catch that precious pipework, in songs ‘gone,’ ‘bad thoughts,’ and ‘help herself’ to name a few. 

Stream our dreamy Spotify bbno$ playlist here.

“Find myself a baddie and she thicky thick-thick.”

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— bbno$

Killing the game, it seems we’ve been finessed. Is bbno$ bae? He sure is. Let us know what you love most about this Canadian cutie by commenting down below or tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP! You can also hit us up on Facebook and Instagram!

And if this didn’t give you your fix, Follow on him on Twitch or join his Discord, we promise you won’t regret it.


Featured Image Source: bbno$ on Facebook

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