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Quinn XCII Gives Us A Much Needed Change Of Scenery

Quinn XCII Gives Us A Much Needed Change Of Scenery

We are sure by now you’re well aware of this stellar artist Quinn XCII. He first came onto the scene with his debut EP Change Of Scenery more than five years ago. Flashforward to 2021 and he’s better than ever with his newest album Change Of Scenery II, acting as a second part to his first project. We are so excited to see what this album has in store for us! If you want to listen along you can get the album here!

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‘We Made This Album In Newport’

This track acts as a nice short introduction to what to expect from Changes Of Scenery II and we aren’t mad about it. The music is peaceful and gives us major Newport Beach day vibes. You get little bits of Quinn’s voice and it’s a solid opener.

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‘Distracted Youth’

Okay right off the bat we can tell that Changes Of Scenery II is blaring all spring and summer. This whole concept of need temporary distractions is just so relatable. We all go through filling voids with things that we know won’t be forever and hearing that put into a song makes for such a stellar track. The vibes are very on point with an east coast beach vibe.

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‘My Wife & 2 Dogs’

God, the vibes on Changes Of Scenery II are just immaculate. This track explores feeling stuck in a situation and just wanting to get away and unplug and if that isn’t a major mood we don’t know what is. Quinn if you ever read this where do we apply to also move out to the beach with your wife and two dogs?


We are getting major O.A.R vibes with this track. Just pure good vibes, that’s the theme here with Changes Of Scenery II. The message of just being there for someone and being the person that they can count on is beautiful. It’s a romantic song without being slow-paced and cheesy. We love it!

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‘Hey, Goodbye’

Is this our favorite track off Change Of Scenery II so far? It just might be! It’s rare to hear a song about something as life-altering and tragic as a relationship ending that doesn’t make you feel sad. This song flows so good and is upbeat in a way that just makes us want to dance on a beach to this heartbreak.

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‘Doris Terrace with Jeremy Zucker and Ayokay’

We knew as soon as we saw Jeremy Zucker was featured on this track that it would be on the softer side. Jeremy has this incredibly beautiful delicate voice that lends itself perfectly to this song. And then you get the addition of Ayokay who just takes the song to all new heights. This is a high point for us thus far of Changes Of Scenery II.

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‘Stay Next To Me’ feat. Chelsea Cutler

This is what we like to hear! Chelsea Cutler and Quinn XCII were meant to make music together. This song is a smash. We just want to be driving around in the sunshine screaming these lyrics. It’s all good vibes all around. Chelsea is a master at having this incredible chemistry with everyone she collaborates with and that’s apparent in this track on Changes Of Scenery II.

‘Mexico City’

This is going to be the soundtrack to our dream Mexico vacation. Quinn has had us completely entranced since track one of Changes Of Scenery II. This whole song just describes the perfect getaway. We are currently booking tickets to Mexico City.

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‘Monday Morning’

While we may hate Monday mornings we definitely love this song. Changes Of Scenery II has all felt like a big breathe of fresh air. These songs all just make us so happy and that’s what you want out of a record. You want it to evoke emotions. We are already adding this song to our playlists it’s just too good.

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‘We Don’t Talk Enough’ With Alexander 23

So far Changes Of Scenery II has been a rather bright album however with this track you get a softer side of these artists. It’s a commentary on friends losing touch and we think the line “All we share in common is that we don’t talk enough” is just out of the park brilliant. Alexander 23 was the perfect collaborator for a song like this.

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‘Feel Something’

This song just hits. “Let nobody in, but I still tweet a few things, get these feelings off my chest” is a line that could have been snatched out of our diaries. We simply can’t get enough of this track. Quinn is a genius and this track proves that, as does the rest of Changes In Scenery II.

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‘Look How Far We’ve Come’

We have arrived at the end of Changes Of Scenery II. This will go down as one of the best projects of the year. This closing track is so good and is making us even more excited to re-listen right away! Quinn XCII is a new favorite of ours after this album. Obsessed.

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We would love to hear from you! What do you think of Changes Of Scenery II? What’s your favorite track? Let us know by commenting down below or tweeting @TheHoneyPOP! We are also on Facebook and Instagram!


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