We’ll Miss WandaVision , But At Least We Can Watch It Anytime On Disney+

We’ll Miss WandaVision , But At Least We Can Watch It Anytime On Disney+

We know, we can hear you asking “Another WandaVision article? Really?” and yes, really. But what can we do? The show is too good not to talk about! Nine episodes of Wanda and Vision living their best lives in a sitcom-inspired reality warmed our hearts… and then turned us into conspiracy theorists, but hey, that’s just Marvel. But we loved every second of it. And if you somehow haven’t watched it yet, just hop over to Disney+ and your fellow Marvel fans in loving WandaVision and waiting for The Falcon And The Winter Soldier to come around on March 19th.

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With WandaVision, Disney+ managed something that seemed impossible since streaming services became a thing: it got people hooked on a show and waiting for a new episode each week. At the same time. How? We’ll tell you how: they gave us characters we love and new questions in every episode. And it gave fans something to talk about and theorize over with their friends. And if you think that now that the show is over the theories will cease too, think again! In good old Marvel fashion, they’ve left some strings loose for fans to pick at while waiting for the next few installments of their Phase 4 (especially Doctor Strange: Multiverse of Madness).

And here’s more good news: all nine episodes are on Disney+ for you to watch over and over and over to try to find something you may have missed the first time. Or, if you’ve waited to watch them all in one sitting, hooray, your wait is over! Oh, and to make it even better, we’d like to add that you can also listen to the WandaVision soundtrack here! Awesome news for those of us who have had ‘Agatha All Along’ stuck in our heads for weeks.

So, have you watched WandaVision? Will you rewatch it a thousand times like we are? Tell us in the comments or tweets us @TheHoneyPOP! We’re also on Facebook and Instagram.


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