Crooked Colours Invites You To Join Team ‘No Sleep’

Crooked Colours Invites You To Join Team ‘No Sleep’

Want to discover new music from down under? We may have the right fit for you! Alternative electronic trio Crooked Colours just dropped a new teaser from their upcoming third LP out later this year.

Euphoric Dreams

Crooked Colours
Image source: Crooked Colours Press Shot-Atlantic Records

Escapism. That’s the type of world you will find yourself in with Crooked Colours’ ‘No Sleep.’ While introducing some fine beats, the Australian trio crafted an epic psychedelic twist. The melody is enveloping, like an aura. With a crescendo that leads to some uplifting music soundscape, it’s a complete euphoria!

Irresistibly addictive

The colourful Aussie band uses their charms in this hit track and we think it definitely worked! With a constant tempo that is the complete opposite of the title, the song is irresistibly addictive. The vocals are also incredibly seductive! It haunts our minds from the beginning to the end of this cinematic track. No surprise that the band is praised by music critics and has been streamed more than 200 million worldwide. Thumbs up boys!

We can’t wait to dress up and go clubbing again, but for now, we will be turning our bedrooms into our own personal clubs. We’re 100% team ‘No Sleep.’

Let your feelings out!

Crooked Colours knows how to groove while spreading the whole emotional thing. Remixes or original tracks, ‘No Sleep’ is no exception. Taking its lyrical story about nonchalant relationships as lead singer Phil Slabber explains and putting a fun beat to it. We now know we should keep the positive bits around and not take everything for granted.

It’s a literal pleasure listening to these wavy sounds. The electronica textures warm the heart and are a pure blessing to our souls. You can hear some previous beautiful tracks from the band here.

‘No Sleep’ is one of our favorite tracks this week. It will probably take some spots in New Music Friday playlist, don’t you agree? Watch and listen to ‘No Sleep’ below.

Can’t wait to be obsessed with Crooked Colours dreamy tune ‘No Sleep?’ You can find where to stream it here.

What did you think of the track? Are you a fan of Crooked Colours? Tweet us @TheHoneyPOP or head over to our Facebook. Or, you can even comment down below!

If you can’t get enough, get ready to enjoy some great electronic vibes, and dance the night away with us!


Featured Image Source: Matsu Photography

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