Doja Cat Releases Highly Anticipated Visual for ‘Streets’

Doja Cat Releases Highly Anticipated Visual for ‘Streets’

Doja Cat released the highly anticipated visual for her hit single, ‘Streets,’ and we’re gasping for air! As usual, when it comes to visuals or putting on a mesmerizing performance, Doja Cat never disappoints. With Doja’s talent and the help of TikTok, ‘Streets’ became so popular that the Silhouette challenge was created. The single was mixed with another song called ‘Put Your Head on My Shoulder,’ which instantly caught many TikTok users’ attention. This was perfect for Doja’s creativity as she included the challenge in the visual and blew our wigs back!

Doja Cat Streets Visual
Doja Cat, Streets Visual via

‘Streets’ is the latest single off of Doja’s highly rated second album, Hot Pink, (which you can stream here) bringing it to the forefront of attention. The visual begins on the streets, literally. The camera pans to the left of our screens, showing taxis and your everyday people walking across. Normal right? No. Doja Cat spices up the video as she stands in the window of a store, on display, and she catches the eye of a mesmerized man. At THP, we know we can beautifully describe the video, but we want you all to watch it for yourself.

Doja Cat – ‘Streets’

‘Streets’ already has amassed over 9.8 million views with 1 million likes as it adds another hit to Doja’s discography. The Grammy award nominee has been taking the music industry by storm since her debut. A lot of fans appreciate her ability to stand out among a mass of new female rappers. All of Doja Cat’s visuals are thoroughly planned, and we can tell she cares about keeping her fans and viewers satisfied. ‘Streets’ visuals prove that Doja is here to stay, despite trolls’ attempts to ‘cancel’ her.

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Featured image source: Vevo Live performance cover | RCA Records

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