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Yonaka Presents A Life Far From ‘Ordinary’

Yonaka Presents A Life Far From ‘Ordinary’

Yonaka is ready to rock on their sophomore album. The new track ‘Ordinary’ is out now, and our excitement is bigger than ever! We were already in love when ‘Fired Up’ came to blow our minds on the album Don’t Wait ‘Til Tomorrow. Now, we are ready to hear the Brighton-based band’s new evolution. Hyped feelings are on the rise for the newly released single ‘Ordinary’.🔥

The Power Of Rock

Yonaka ordinary artwork
Image Source: ‘Ordinary’ official single artwork

The dance-like aesthetic from the first album Doesn’t Wait ‘Til Tomorrow has evolved in a clashing melodic soundscape. ‘Ordinary’ keeps girl power alive: strong, bold but delicate rock n roll. May we mention, it was also a self-produced, absolutely DIY creation.

The song begins with piano hums enforced with singer Theresa Jarvis’ high falsettos. ‘Ordinary’ then moves into Yonaka’s anthemic signature, growing into big guitar hooks and infectious choruses. It all has the perfect ingredients for chart success. Just like the previous single ‘Seize The Power’, its indie empowerment leaves a strong statement about today’s issues.

Image source: Alyssa Nielsen/Rebel Rebel Music

Don’t Be Scared, Be Yourself, You’re Special!

The song itself, as Theresa Jarvis explains, is about self-acceptance, “When you listen to this song I want you to be completely honest with yourself and ask if this is where you are meant to be; are you being yourself or are you scared? Make mistakes, cry, laugh, love. Do it for you. Shine in yourself and be happy to be anything but ordinary”, she states about the single. The simple truth, do you agree?

Yonaka has so much experience and knows how to entertain us. ‘Ordinary’ is solid proof. The band has a lot more interesting stuff, we dig it! Back in 2019, they collaborated with emo rockers Bring Me The Horizon on the song ‘Tapes.’

Bonus Info: Yonaka’s songs keep gaining interest from various playlists across the world. With listeners worldwide streaming over and over and they have recorded 1.3 million listens across all music platforms for their latest song ‘Seize The Power’. Their first album gained more than 58 million Spotify clicks. Pretty great for an indie band, we gotta say.

Grab your download or stream from these sites! Or! Listen on YouTube below:

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Featured image source: Press Shot -Jade Jackman

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