Emily Weisband Further Proves She Can Do No Wrong With ‘Psychopath’

Emily Weisband Further Proves She Can Do No Wrong With ‘Psychopath’

It’s no surprise that we are huge Emily Weisband fans. Her music just speaks to us, she is a songwriter on a whole other level. From her song ‘New Salt’ to her EP Not Afraid To Say Goodbye, we have certainly loved everything she’s put out into the world.

Her newest release, ‘Psychopath,’ continues that streak. It has every element we’ve come to expect out of an Emily Weisband track, and we can all rejoice because come April 2nd, we’re all going to have even more music to fall in love with. Emily Weisband is set to release her EP I Call It Being Human, we can hardly wait.

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‘Psychopath’ is certainly a whole new sound for Emily Weisband. It’s more of an alt-pop sound than we’ve heard from her but nonetheless, we’re obsessed. She is exploring this feeling of being out of a relationship but still dealing with the feeling that comes with seeing the other person move on. She says, “Did I get a little bit sad? Well yeah, cause I’m not a psychopath,” and wow! We felt that.

It’s completely normal to feel intense emotions when seeing your ex with another person. It stirs up all these emotions, but as always Emily Weisband puts those emotions into words like a pro. It’s hard to give your time to someone then just act like they don’t exist, and that they have no emotional impact on you anymore. As Emily says, it just proves you’re not a ‘Psychopath’ when you feel those things.

You can stream ‘Psychopath’ by Emily Weisband here!

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Now we have to talk about this video! Emily Weisband killed this! The opening scene with the movie-esque rating screen is perfect. Then you get this trippy neon-heavy dream of a video that we just keep wanting to watch. If psychedelics were a video, you’d be looking at it! It’s just all-around a 10/10 video.

We would love to hear from you! What do you think of ‘Psychopath?’ Let us know by commenting down below or tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP! We are also on Facebook and Instagram!

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