Marvel’s Assembled Pulls Back The Curtains of WandaVision

Marvel’s Assembled Pulls Back The Curtains of WandaVision

Just when we thought Marvel was done stunning us with WandaVision content, Assembled happened. Assembled: The Making Of WandaVision will give us a look behind the scenes, how they got that perfect sitcom feeling, how the episodes were filmed, and much more. Seriously, look at this trailer!

Can we just say how much we love to see them filming the first few episodes in front of a live audience? Paul Bettany was right when he said it was, “a homage to American sitcoms throughout the 20th century.” It was so much fun trying to spot all the references to different sitcoms in every episode, and it’s so cool to know the cast had just as much fun filming it.

Assembled will be a series of documentary-style specials, showing viewers the behind-the-scenes of some Marvel productions. And The Making Of WandaVision is the first one, available on Disney+ right now, and it’s just in time for The Falcon And The Winter Soldier! Basically, it’s a really good year to be a Marvel fan, and you can count on THP to tell you all about it. Mostly because we’re as excited about it all as you are.

We know we’ll be watching, will you be watching the Assembled series on Disney+? Tell us in the comments or tweet us @TheHoneyPOP! We’re also on Facebook and Instagram. We are so excited to hear your thoughts!

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Featured Image Source: Courtesy of Marvel Studios/Disney+

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