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Mikey Ferrari Is A Spaceboy & We’re Straight Up Vibing With It.

Mikey Ferrari Is A Spaceboy & We’re Straight Up Vibing With It.

Every time we get to check out a new project from an artist, we get so pumped. This Mikey Ferrari project Spaceboy is the reason why. This project is truly stellar. It’s honest and full of so much genuinely good music and we are certainly glad we didn’t miss out on it!

Spaceboy contains 6 tracks and each is essential to the EP as a whole.

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‘moving slow’

This is a song that’s just so easy to vibe to, it’s moody and has the coolest beats backing the track. ‘moving slow’ is the perfect opener for Spaceboy. There are some killer vocal points mid-song that are literal ear candy. You’ll be as obsessed as we are trust us. Be prepared for this tune to make you want to tune into the rest of the EP, and tune the rest of the universe out!


Next up, we have the title track ‘Spaceboy’. The lyrical delivery is a complete switch up from the last track but instrumentally we are digging the same vibe we got with ‘moving slow’. We thought throughout the entire song how much Mikey’s music reminds us of Billie Eilish mashed up with Wallows. Which until now, we simply thought could of as a combination that could only live in our dreams.

‘lunar light’

This might be our favorite Spaceboy track. It’s a bit slower, but we will never turn away a slower song. The concept of staying up till ‘lunar light’ is all too relatable. This song is just beautiful, and Mikey sounds incredible. 10/10 would recommend.

‘wind blows’

Okay, this track is perfect. It’s unlike anything else we’ve gotten, so far, on Spaceboy. This track proves that Mikey Ferrari can fit many musical stylings into one project. We are convinced after listening to ‘wind blows’ that it could turn anyone into a fan.

‘moving fast’

Okay, come on Twenty-One Pilots vibes! The lyrical flow is so reminiscent of TOP we can’t turn this track off. It’s so good! This is what we’re talking about when we say Spaceboy is a cohesive EP. As a whole, it just perfectly flows. Everything about this song fits perfectly.


To close off Spaceboy, Mikey had to go out with a bang, and that’s exactly what he did. ‘Standoff’ might be one of the best tracks we’ve heard yet this year. It’s so beautiful and has such incredible vocal moments. This track is staying on repeat!

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We would love to hear from you! What do you think of Spaceboy? Let us know by commenting down below or tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP! We are also on Facebook and Instagram!


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