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WayV Show Us They Have Got That Kick Back

WayV Show Us They Have Got That Kick Back

March has already been a month filled with remarkable comebacks (and more to come), so when we heard that WayV was releasing their mini-album, Kick Back, you could say we were a little excited. Okay, more than a little. But can you blame us? After releasing their first full-length album, Awaken The World, and joining the rest of NCT for NCT 2020, we couldn’t wait to see what WayV would bring us in 2021. And in typical WayV fashion, they delivered big time. 

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“We Got That Kick Back…”

‘Kick Back’ gives us a different take from other lead tracks WayV has produced. While still having familiar beats that remind us of tracks like ‘Turn Back Time,’ ‘Kick Back’ is a bit of a more toned-down version, if you will. With colorful scenery that almost seems like we’re peeking inside someone’s mind during a dream, WayV still shows off their incredible dancing and soothing yet powerful vocals. You should see it for yourself (you won’t regret it, trust us). 

Kings of the B-Sides

It wouldn’t be a WayV album if there weren’t b-sides that could rival for the title track spot, and Kick Back is no exception to this. The track ‘Action Figure’ with its hip-hop beats immediately earned the title of being a superior b-side among fans, joining the ranks of tracks like ‘After Midnight,’ ‘Electric Hearts,’ and ‘Nectar.’ Mixes of pop and r&b are sprinkled throughout the rest of the album. ‘Horizon’ is bound to give you chills (and maybe a few tears), reminding us of those late 90s/early 2000s ballads. The harmonies in ‘All For Love’ are impossible not to be captivated by, and then we have the feel-good track ‘Good Time,’ which after one listen is guaranteed to brighten your day. It’s an album that showcases the best parts of WayV, and while it is that WayV sound we have come to love, it offers us something new and refreshing at the same time. 

WayV succeeds once again at gifting us an album that has, dare we say it, no skips. It’s one of the many reasons why we always look forward to any project WayV announces. Because really, who else is doing it like them? The answer, not many.

You can stream the album from your favorite platform here! So, did you have a favorite song from Kick Back? What did you think of the MV? Let us know in the comments below, or tweet us @TheHoneyPOP!

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