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Joshua Bassett Just Released His Debut EP And It’s All We Are Listening To

Joshua Bassett Just Released His Debut EP And It’s All We Are Listening To

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It’s no secret we are Joshua Bassett stans here! He’s stolen our hearts with his music over the last several months and we can’t get enough. We have long anticipated the release of his self-titled EP and it’s finally here.

We have no doubt that Joshua Bassett is going to be at the top of the game for a very long time. Let’s dive into this EP!

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Here we have Joshua Bassett showing everyone how to do an opening song. ‘Sorry’ is everything we have come to love about Joshua as an artist all in one song. His voice sounds raspy and incredible. The lyrics are as always on point. “He told her things he knew that she wanted to hear, He’s a master puppeteer” is just pure genius.

‘Do It All Again’

Well, this song is utterly adorable. We can only hope we find someone who loves us as much as Joshua Bassett loves whoever he’s singing about on this track. This track shows off what solid love songs Joshua writes. It perfectly showcases why we swoon so hard.

‘Lie Lie Lie’

If you read our coverage of ‘Lie Lie Lie,’ you’re aware we couldn’t get enough of it! And that still rings true! It’s a complete smash! Joshua Bassett really blew us out of the park with this track and set a precedent for his new sound. It was such a leap from ‘Common Sense’ to this song, but it was certainly the right leap.

‘Only A Matter Of Time’

What a song. It’s been a little over a month since we first heard ‘Only A Matter Of Time’ for the first time and it still feels brand new. It still shocks us every time we listen to how killer this track is. It’s Joshua Bassett at his absolute best. Plus how good does he look in this video? Let us simp for just a minute.

‘Telling Myself’

We think this just might be our favorite track on the EP. It’s upbeat and includes all the staple Joshua Bassett elements. It’s got those killer vocals and lyrics you can tell come from the heart. We find ourselves continuing to go back to this track. And the music video is on a whole other level.

‘Heaven Is You’

Allow us 10 minutes to cry. We feel very single and alone after this one. It’s clear our boy Joshua Bassett is down bad. These lyrics are just so precious. They are chalked full of love and we can tell they’re really personal to him. We are going to listen to this on repeat and pretend we can relate. And we have to talk about how soft and delicate his voice is. Unreal.

You can check out the EP here!

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