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ONF Is All Anyone Can Talk About

ONF Is All Anyone Can Talk About


If you’re in the K-pop world you’ve more than likely heard of the K-pop boy group ONF (On N OFF). They debuted back in 2017 and haven’t stopped making waves since. As of recent years, with their oh so epic releases, specifically their first full-length album, ONF:My Name, there has been a different buzz surrounding them.

If you’re a Fuse, you probably agree, because it is not only fans talking about the group, but publications and non-fans alike. So we have taken it upon ourselves to put together a little something, something because ONF is all anyone can talk about these days. Let’s start this search!

Image Source: Tenor

ONF’s First Win

We had to obviously start with some firsts. ONF received their first music show win with ‘Beautiful Beautiful’ on THE SHOW! Fuse we are right there beside you, we are so proud of the group, it was a most definite win for them. It also helped people get introduced and start talking about the group. Also, please check out their pics on Twitter after the win, they are effortlessly cute.

Magazine Worthy

Image Source: FAULT photographer: Kim Ji Yeon @ Studio: Narda

Recently the group has grazed the cover of UK Magazine FAULT. This has people talking because it’s been nine years since a K-pop group has been on the cover. By the way, they share this accolade with the iconic 2NE1, which makes this even cooler! You can check out the shoot and interview here.

‘The Realist’ Live Performance

We have seen a lot of you talking about this performance and anyone can see why after watching it. It’s everything you could’ve wanted after first listening to ‘The Realist,’ but at the same time, we were caught off guard. ‘The Realist’ is one of the best songs off of the album and add in a chair choreo, you’ll get people talking.

ONF is No. 1

Image Source: The Show, Twitter (@wm_on7off)

So many number ones have been heading towards ONF as of late and we can’t complain. Not only has the group topped the Gaon charts for two weeks in a row with ‘Beautiful Beautiful,’ but with the album ONF: MY NAME, they have ranked No. 1 on the U.S iTunes K-Pop Songs Chart. They also ranked Top 10 in seven countries and regions and grabbed the top spot on iTunes All Album Chart. We knew there would be accomplishments for the album, but let us at least breathe a little!

Image Source: Tenor

And exhale. Well, as we said, there has been quite a buzz around them and we are enjoying every content we can get. We see many and many more accomplishments heading their way soon and we can’t wait to hear and talk all about it. If you haven’t already or if you wanna stream again, you can find where to check out the album, here.

Has ONF kept you talking? How proud of you are about the buzz surrounding the group? Tell us in the comments down below, tweet us @TheHoneyPOP or talk to us on Facebook and Instagram!

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Featured Image Source: ONF on Twitter (@wm_on7off)

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