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Celeste Earns Oscar Nominations And We Are Loving It

Celeste Earns Oscar Nominations And We Are Loving It

At 26 years old, British singer-songwriter Celeste took us by surprise with her debut album Not Your Muse. As if it wasn’t enough, the Oscars organization announced that her track ‘Hear My Voice’ is nominated for the Best Original Song category. What an achievement!

An homage to democracy

Celeste co-wrote ‘Hear My Voice’ with composer Daniel Pemberton to score the Netflix movie The Trial Of The Chicago 7. The film depicts a part of American history and a key moment in the late sixties. Seven people made plans to protest at the Democratic National Convention in Chicago. Months later, all of them were arrested under conspiracy and riot inciting charges.

The Trial Of The Chicago 7 follows the whole trial. It demonstrates the fights about political views which are still happening to this day. We don’t want to tell you spoilers of course but go watch it on Netflix if you are curious. All we can say is that the movie may show a historical part of the USA but we all know that democracy is still fragile.

Image Source: Elizaveta Porodina

Stand up!

‘Hear My Voice’ captures the whole essence of the story. The song was written in lockdown in between text messages, sharing sound bites through video calls, and phone chats. “You may think I won’t be heard, Still I’ll raise this hand, Spread this word,” sings Celeste. Don’t be afraid to tell your opinions. Don’t give up on your personal views. Just keep your head high.

Celeste and Daniel Pemberton wrote ‘Hear My Voice’ in a bright and spirited perspective. The sun will shine again. They feel it was an honor to create such a powerful song with so much soul for the movie, the song is picture-perfect. It shows that nothing is impossible. Fighting for our voice is important. It’s more than an attitude, it radiates such positivity.

Fierce competition

Celeste has fierce competition in that category. Her well-deserved nomination comes along H.E.R R’n’B jazzy ‘Fight For You, Will Ferrell and Molly Sanden’s infectious pop ‘Husavik’, Laura Pausini opéra-esque ‘Io Si,’ and Leslie Odom Jr folk softness on ‘Speak Now.’ Who will bring it home? That’s still a mystery.

‘Hear My Voice’ is available on Celeste UK number one album Not Your Muse deluxe version. Grab it here! The London singer also performed the song recently on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert. Watch her stunning appearance here.

The 93rd annual Oscar Academy Awards will take place on April 25 in Hollywood. How excited are you for Celeste? Let us know down below, on Twitter @TheHoneyPOP or on Facebook!

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