It’s Going To Be A ‘Good Day’ If You Listen To The New Mackenzie Bourg Track

It’s Going To Be A ‘Good Day’ If You Listen To The New Mackenzie Bourg Track

We were so happy to hear that we were getting new music from Mackenzie Bourg. It’s been a couple of years since we’ve been fed content, and it was well worth the wait. If you don’t know Mackenzie Bourg, he’s a singer-songwriter who rose to fame after being a contestant on the show American Idol. American Idol makes stars, it’s just plain fact at this point, and Mackenzie Bourg is proof of that statement.

Okay, it’s been long enough, let’s talk about all things new music from Mackenzie!

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‘Good Day’ is precisely the song we needed. It’s been such a dark last year, and this song brightens your mood. It’s so bright and upbeat and makes you want to dance around. ‘Good Day’ feels like if sunshine was a song. But aside from the song’s feel, we have to credit how perfect Mackenzie Bourg’s voice fits this music. His voice is so stunning that we can’t help but smile no matter what he’s signing.

We will be dancing around to this song all summer, and it will be the soundtrack to many road trips. Leave it to Mackenzie Bourg to make an incredibly happy song to affect our whole current mindset positively. What a stellar artist. We can only hope 2021 will be full of even more new tunes from Mackenzie.

You can listen to ‘Good Day’ here!

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