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Lucy Park Shines On Debut EP Before I Speak

Lucy Park Shines On Debut EP Before I Speak

Rays of sunshine are starting to appear. It’s time for some new warm music discoveries, like that of 22-year-old Lucy Park, who dropped her magical debut EP Before I Speak this week.

In between Los Angeles and London, Lucy Park sparkles with songs of plenty of soul. The singer-songwriter started to publish her music last year and praise is on the way. Her song ‘Rain’ gained more than five million streams worldwide, well worth the new hype with her top-quality music!

If you are scrolling past our site, you probably learned about newcomer Jaz Elise. Take a closer to listen and it will convince you to give an ear to the LA-based artist’s latest EP, as Lucy’s album is similar in sound and so golden.

A Journey To Love And Nostalgia

Lucy Park plays with melancholia with confidence. Introducing ‘Cold,’ her vocals go otherwise, warming our hearts with tenderness. Written with the helping hand of Anoop D’Souza from her label After Dinner Records, the song is like a blanket covering our bodies, cuddly and soft.

In her unique way, Lucy Park makes soulful and slow pace bops that will please the fans of the likes of Alessia Cara. ‘True To You’ is a lyrical reflection of the nostalgic times when we could hang out with each other and have fun, being authentic with our friends.

A Boost Of Confidence

Speaking of self-love, ‘True To You’ is lightly simple, but brilliant. The video, directed by Alia Baker, shows Lucy Park wandering around the city and being confident about herself. The vintage production, VHS effects, and the prominence of sun and nature images boost our mood. Anything for happiness, uh? Beautiful!

Beautiful visuals indeed, so enigmatic. Just like the following track ‘Oh God.’ Miss Park brings such soul and groove to it. Fans of Mabel will love these magic beatboxing backgrounds, along with the singer’s soft tones. The perfect soundscape for a quiet evening.

Charming And So Dreamy

Lucy Park goes acoustic on ‘Somebody Else.’ This song is very personal and charming. It’s the little things, like the guitar chords, that keep us smiling. You don’t need any complicated instrumentation to make a great piece, and ‘Somebody Else’ is sweet like honey.

The 15-minute record concludes on the dreamy track, ‘After All.’ Lucy Park could be a female version of James Blake on this superb track. The melodic song is the conclusion of the romantic voyage. The emotions floating through the space and the feeling keeps growing inside. No matter what our situation is, Lucy Park made her songs universal.

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Make sure to grab Before I Speak from Lucy Park on the music platform of your choice. Click here!

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Featured image photo: Lucy Park for Spotify

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