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Nick Jonas’ New Album Spaceman Has Landed

Nick Jonas’ New Album Spaceman Has Landed

The day has finally arrived, Nick Jonas released his solo album Spaceman. It’s Nick’s first solo project since the release of Last Year Was Complicated in 2016.

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We have been lifelong fans of Nick Jonas, and any project he does we will accept with open arms and completely love. He can do nothing wrong, and he just has further proven that with Spaceman: it is truly an incredible record and sets itself apart from both his previous solo work and his work with his brothers. We could ramble on for hours about our love for Nick Jonas, but we’ll stop ourselves and dive headfirst into this album! 

You can listen to Spaceman here!

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‘Don’t Give Up On Us’

Nick Jonas opened Spaceman exactly how we hoped he would: with a killer track that acts as a plea to keep the faith that a relationship will work out. We can already tell this track has the potential to have an incredible remix. We are calling on the likes of Young Bombs to turn this into a track we’ll be raving to at EDC. 


The sound of this track is so unique. It almost doesn’t even sound like Nick Jonas at first, which just proves he can change things up. The song is all about riding things out and not being afraid of reaching pinnacles in the relationship. Using ‘Heights’ as a metaphor- it’s genius.


We know this track, and we love this track. This was our introduction to the new Nick Jonas era. It’s such a good choice for a lead single and shows all of Nick’s strengths as an artist. The high notes are insane, and we just find ourselves wanting to sing along constantly. ‘Spaceman’ also has the most killer visuals- Nick went above and beyond.


This is such a high point on Spaceman for us. So many of us can relate to the feeling of drinking a bit too much over quarantine. And since we aren’t quite out of the woods yet, now we have a Nick Jonas song to use as the soundtrack to those drunken nights. We’d consider that a win. 


We are overly obsessed with this track. It has a very Bruno Mars infused sound, and we are here for it. It’s such a different sound from Nick Jonas. We are loving how throughout Spaceman, we are getting such variety, it’s such a cohesive album thus far. 

This Is Heaven

We have been in love with this track since we first heard it. It was released before the album, and we think that was a genius choice on Nick’s part. It sets one of the themes of the album, which is his unconditional love for Priyanka. As much as we are crushed our teenage dreams of marrying Nick Jonas didn’t come to fruition, we are still so happy he’s found this love.


Sensual Nick Jonas is what we’re here for. We love the bedroom vibes this song radiates. This is being added to our playlists as we speak. We haven’t had a track like this yet on Spaceman, and we are so glad we got that here. He paints such a clear picture with the lyrics. 

‘Deeper Love’

This track feels like a direct love letter to Priyanka. We are so into all the lovey-dovey vibes Spaceman is giving us. It’s so incredibly heartwarming to be a fan of someone and get to see them grow and fall in love. We are just beaming listening to this track.

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‘If I Fall’

This track is beautiful. Nick’s vocals are just incredible, and the lyrics are a standout. They are confessions that he thinks this will be the last time that he’s falling. He is singing about the process of falling in love and realizing this is it- he’s found the one.

‘Death Do Us Part’

If vows were made into a song, it would be this song. The lyrics are a complete confession of the kind of love people search their whole lives for, the kind of love you’d find in every life you live. It gave us goosebumps.


This closing track to Spaceman wraps up this story perfectly. It’s all about how Priyanka still makes him nervous and how there’s still that spark that you see so many couples lose. It’s perfectly in line with the rest of the tracks, and we will have this song on repeat. 

We would love to hear from you! What do you think of Spaceman? Let us know by commenting below or tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP! We are also on Facebook and Instagram!


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