We Don’t Even Know ‘Josh’ And We Are Mad At Him

We Don’t Even Know ‘Josh’ And We Are Mad At Him

We have spent every waking hour since its release blasting ‘Josh.’ It’s the perfect song to dance around your room to. It doesn’t even matter if your exes name isn’t ‘Josh.’ Peach PRC is simply just doing what she came to do, and that’s being absolutely astonishing—taking over our top track spot on Spotify. She just released the much-anticipated music video for ‘Josh,’ and we certainly can’t wait to talk all about this dream of a video. Peach PRC has once again killed it.

Peach PRC is just the pettiest person, but we love to see it. The ‘Josh Remover’ made us audibly crack up. The whole concept of setting this up like an infomercial is genius. We can only imagine that the actor’s face is likewise to how the actual ‘Josh’ felt as he listened to this bop. We completely dig the Lisa Frank vibes given off. They are so strong in the bedroom scenes, and honestly, we adore to see them. We certainly can’t wait to get an entire full-length project. We already know it will slap when we envisioned the video in our heads while blasting the song is precisely what we saw.

When we thought we couldn’t love Peach PRC anymore, she went and made a tool we can all use. A rejection hotline with similar vibes to the ‘Josh’ video. This is what we will be sending to all unwanted advances. It’s undoubtedly pure gold, and we have to thank her for being a real one and looking out.

We would love to hear from you! What do you think of the ‘Josh’ video? Let us know by commenting down below or tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP! We are also on Facebook and Instagram!


Featured Image Source: Peach PRC Via Twitter

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