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BTS’ Loss Is Still A Success

BTS’ Loss Is Still A Success

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When the announcement was made at the GRAMMY Awards Premiere Ceremony that BTS did not receive the award for Best Pop Duo/Group Performance, the disappointment stretched beyond that of ARMY. Although the news is sadly not that surprising, given how the GRAMMYs typically treats POC artists, many shared their frustration over BTS being snubbed, and it’s an outrage that speaks volumes. With the announcement came the charting of BTS’ discography on the iTunes Charts, ‘Dynamite’ re-entering the Top 10, numerous hashtags, and once again a display of BTS’ impact. It showcased the flaws that were in the GRAMMYs plans, the same plans that have been used time and time again by numerous award shows ever since BTS made their break into the western market. ARMY, though, are not the only ones who have grown tired of BTS’ name and their fan power being used solely for clout; the public is starting to realize and grow tired of it also. 

Still shining through the city

It seems the GRAMMYs have forgotten that BTS isn’t the one-hit wonders or unexplainable phenomenon that much of the western industry has played them out to be. Just watch their performance of ‘Dynamite’ from the show, where again, the group gave a performance, unlike their previous ‘Dynamite’ stages. In warm-toned suits, on a re-creation of the GRAMMY stage, BTS, in only a three-minute performance, proved they were still winners that night. On a rooftop with the city of Seoul as the backdrop, the seven members made history as the first Korean Pop act to ever take to the GRAMMY stage for a performance, and that is something the Recording Academy can’t take away, no matter how many nominations or awards they pass on giving them.

Because no matter how much the industry tries to push them back, BTS still remains on top. They did it with Map of the Soul: 7 being the most pre-ordered album with 4.02 million orders. ‘Dynamite’ earned them their first No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 and went on to remain in the Top 10 on the charts for weeks, breaking countless records. ‘Life Goes On’ also earned the No. 1 spot, and is the first song predominantly sung in Korean to do so. Billboard even named them “The Greatest Pop Star of 2020.” And this is barely scratching the surface. What much of the western industry fail to realize, is that BTS are the game-changers, and deserve much more than what has been offered to them so far.

Ever the figures of grace, we need to recognize how BTS never lose their cool, even when no one would blame them for doing so. Sharing their thoughts with ARMY through a V Live right after the GRAMMYs and posting their live reaction to their loss on their Twitter, BTS show (once again) exactly why they are the stars they have become. This transparency plays a role in why ARMY feel so much comfort with BTS; they rely on each other and are honest in difficult moments, just as much as they do in moments of happiness.

BTS will win awards, and they will lose awards, but their losses do not define them. They have earned their place in history, and with each release, they continue to create a legacy that is all their own. If there is one thing that the GRAMMYs has shown us, it is not BTS that needs to change or work-harder for the western industry to give them their much-deserved recognition. What needs to change is the industry itself.

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So, share your thoughts ARMY. Thoughts on their GRAMMY performance? How do you feel about them not winning? You can leave a comment down below, or tweet us @TheHoneyPOP!

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