COIN Set Your Mood! Green Or Blue?

COIN Set Your Mood! Green Or Blue?

Gray days? Never mind, COIN is here to illuminate your life with their new EP, Green-Blue Mixtape. You don’t need a doctor if you listen to this record, it will make you smile instantly!

Dashing colors!

Hotly tipped by 5SOS (COIN supporting act tour was sadly postponed, but soon enough they’ll hit the stage again), they bring lots of flavors to our music life! The four-track project includes indie-pop gems that upgrade our mood. No wonder why the series of EP’s is called the Rainbow Trilogy! Green-Blue Mixtape is the second instalment and sets great expectations for the trio’s next one!

Image source: Paige Kindlick for Hollywood Life

COIN’s lead track ‘Sagittarius Superstar’ featuring the sweet vocals of Faye Webster. The folk-pop ballad is thrilling and won lots of hearts all-around. So far, it had reached an audience of 20 million on playlists on Spotify, who showed some wonderful love to the track. Between heartbreak and tender love, it’s clear that ‘Sagittarius Superstar’ is a total moody hook.

Watch the official ‘Sagittarius Superstar’ video here.

Dream, sweet dream!

COIN’s Green-Blue Mixtape also introduces ‘Sprite’ a dreamy guitar piece. ‘I just want to start again’ sings Chase Lawrence. A glimpse of hope that despite mistakes, it’s a great feeling to start from scratch. We can’t get enough of the infectious drum loops and the sweet-like-sugar harmonies.

Tender acoustics

The Nashville band knows how to entertain our late-night cuddles with ‘Turnaround’. Delicate and focused on self-reflection, we turn soft at the first chords from COIN. The acoustic guitar stings deep in the heart. ‘Earth To God’ is the modern John Lennon ‘Imagine’, focusing on the whole pianoforte. The discreet percussion is adding some cutting-edge smooth beats.

COIN’s Green-Blue Mixtape is a true remedy to make us feel better in a condensed twenty minutes of melodic treats. Get your hands on the latest record here. But if you crave more, we suggest their debut album Dreamland as well. You can hear or download the fabulous ear-worms here.

Don’t be shy and tell us what’s your favorite dream-style while listening to the Green-Blue Mixtape EP. Reel up on Instagram, tweet us your mood @thehoneypop or do the same on Facebook! We’ll be happy to read your thoughts.


Featured image source: COIN official

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