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PENTAGON Take On A Comic Concept With ‘DO or NOT’

PENTAGON Take On A Comic Concept With ‘DO or NOT’

It seems like it hasn’t been long since Pentagon released their 10th mini-album, WE:TH, and with it, ‘Daisy,’ a song that not only earned them more recognition but also their first-ever music show win. Now, five months later, they’re back with their 11th mini-album, LOVE or TAKE, with a brighter sound and the concept of them being characters of a comic book which is the album. And while ‘Daisy’ for sure made Pentagon history, ‘DO or NOT’ already achieved something that none of their songs had before by reaching No. 1 on the Genie Chart. Safe to say, this might be one of their greatest releases yet. 

PENTAGON Concept Photo #2 Sporty
Source: CUBE Entertainment via Pentagon’s Twitter (@CUBE_PTG)

‘DO or NOT’

After ‘Daisy’ and ‘Dr Bebe,’ Pentagon comes back with a much brighter song, which is usually what they’re known for. But that doesn’t mean that this title track is like any others before. ‘DO or NOT’ has a bright and fun sound, but the lyrics are actually about moving on from a push-pull relationship. In other words, this song seems to be the perfect mix between ‘Daisy’ and earlier songs such as ‘Naughty Boy’. It follows the theme of ‘Daisy’ and keeps some of its elements when it comes to instrumentals, with more raw instruments, but mixes it with the bright energy that Pentagon is known for. It’s simply the perfect Pentagon song: with the energy, the bright vibe, the fresh feeling, the vocals, the raps, and the anthem feeling.

And of course, such a good song has to come with a good music video, and they did not fail in that aspect at all. The music video for ‘DO or NOT’ is fun and just perfect. Each member has a character as they pursue a girl and try to impress her. It almost feels like a webtoon or a K-drama, going in theme with the presentation of the album itself that looks like a comic book. But there’s also a fun choreography that actually includes a bit of sign language – when they shake their fist in front of their nose it actually means “I like you.” We won’t spoil anything from the video because it’s really such a fun video to watch, with its storyline, the funny scenarios, the acting… One thing we can say is that they outdid themselves with this concept.


Not only did Pentagon came back with an amazing title track but also with amazing b-sides, as they always do. This time, there’s a very much noticeable common theme in all the songs: love. 

LOVE or TAKE opens up with ’10s and,’ a track full of emotion yet very energetic about coming back to someone left behind. Might sound weird as an opening track but it’s indeed the perfect transition between the melancholy and hurt of ‘Daisy’ and the happiness of moving on from a toxic relationship in ‘DO or NOT.’ 

PENTAGON Concept Photo #3 Mild (Cartoon version)
Source: CUBE Entertainment via PENTAGON’s Twitter (@CUBE_PTG)

The third track is ‘1+1,’ a song that follows the overall theme of the album. It’s a love song that mixes a hint of early 2000s sound with a trap beat in the back, adding a modern touch to the track. ‘Baby I Love You’ is an interesting song to read the lyrics of, as it feels like the narration of the beginnings of a love story. There’s a very fun and interesting guitar riff throughout the song.

Meanwhile, ‘That’s Me’ is on a whole other vibe, that’s more about the love of oneself. It’s a very funky song with heavy-sounding bass, and yet some kind of electro influence. The sixth track, ‘Sing-a-song’ is all about celebrating and having fun and it’s the only song in the album with a proper drop.

PENTAGON Concept Photo #3 Mild
Source: CUBE Entertainment via PENTAGON’s Twitter (@CUBE_PTG)

‘Sing-a-song’ being such a bright and uplifting song makes the seventh track in the album all the more touching. ‘Boy in time’ is a bonus track and a solo song by Hui. It’s a powerful heartbreaking piano ballad about saying goodbye to something dear. The song shows fully his outstanding vocals, and you’ll understand by listening to this song why he’s considered one of the best vocalists in the industry right now. While he first performed the song at the end of 2020, according to the members, the song was originally written back in 2018 as a way to heal when he was going through a hard time. Of course, the song is even more meaningful knowing that even though Hui is technically part of the album in almost every aspect, he indeed enlisted for military service in the middle of February.

But even with their two main vocalists in the military service, Pentagon is fully capable of filling the stage with their energy and immense talent. They showed that with the first performance of ‘DO or NOT’ during their online showcase where they performed the song as seven instead of nine. With an amazing concept, incredible music, and members with such immense talent, it’s safe to say that there’s no stopping Pentagon any time soon.

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Featured image source: CUBE Entertainment via PENTAGON’s Twitter (@CUBE_PTG)

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