With The Release Of ‘Slow Heart’, Twin XL Has Dropped Another Banger

With The Release Of ‘Slow Heart’, Twin XL Has Dropped Another Banger

Now, it’s no secret that we love Twin XL here at THP, and why wouldn’t we? They’re insanely talented, and we can’t get enough of their music. ‘Slow Heart,’ Twin XL’s most recent release, further proves that they’re making big moves.

‘Slow Heart’ is catchy. The production of the track and the vocals are on point as alwaysStream at your own risk because the beat ensures that this track is going to be stuck in your head! 

‘Slow Heart’ Twin XL

With regards to the meaning behind the song, Cameron Walker-Wright said ‘Slow Heart’ tackles the idea of feeling like you can’t love anyone else because you’re unable to love yourself. It’s a feeling that many people are unfortunately all too familiar with. He calls the verses a confession, and the track aims to capture the desperation of someone who wants love from themselves as much as they do from others. If you ask us, ‘Slow Heart’ does a great job of telling that story. You can hear the emotion in the vocals and the music, the melancholic need for someone to understand why you have a ‘Slow Heart.’ Twin XL nailed it with this track, as they usually do.

What do you think of ‘Slow Heart?’ Is it your new favorite Twin XL track, cause it might be ours! Let us know in the comments below or chat with us on Twitter over @TheHoneyPOP!

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