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Here’s What Makes Nick Jonas’ Conversation With Zane Lowe A Must-Listen

Here’s What Makes Nick Jonas’ Conversation With Zane Lowe A Must-Listen

Nick Jonas

This past week the latest At Home With conversation with Zane Lowe on Apple Music was released. Nick Jonas was the guest star and he spilled a lot of tea on his experience on SNL, promoting his new album, and his relationship and marriage with Priyanka Chopra Jonas.

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Although he was nervous, he enjoyed his experience on SNL

Nick might have been slightly nervous about performing and also hosting SNL, but we think he did amazing. In the interview with Zane, he touched on how the week at SNL goes and that a lot of the cast are writers for the show. They go through about 40 to 50 scripts at the beginning of the week and will whittle it down to about 10 to12 that they actually perform for the show.

Nick says the workload was tough but was very special. He received an outpour of support from those who have hosted before and attributes the week of SNL to be like a wedding. He says to Apple Music, “but it goes by so fast. It’s like a wedding. There’s all this prep, and you’re in it… It’s your life for seven days, and then all of a sudden it’s done. Like that.”

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Promoting an album during a pandemic was tough

Nick mentions that he’s done the traditional album promotion cycle many times, but during the pandemic, it’s completely different. He cannot just run around town, hop on an overnight plane and travel to NYC for multiple interviews as he could before. He says to take the limitations and obstacles of the pandemic as an opportunity to look at it in a new and different way. And try not to get too frustrated by it! We completely agree with this statement. It’s easy to be frustrated with the changes and limitations that the pandemic has created, but if you can look past that and be positive, there are so many creative ways to get what you need done.

He has admiration for Olivia Rodrigo and ‘Driver’s License’

Nick heard the song after both Joe and Kevin sent him the link. Immediately, he said he loved the track and it gave him musical theatre vibes, but he didn’t make the connection that Olivia Rodrigo was in the High School Musical: The Series on Netflix.

“My dad always used to say this, and it just makes perfect sense to me. He’d be like, “A great song is a great song is a great song.” And when you have that and it connects in that way, the sky’s the limit. And so I saw recently that it was her 18th birthday, and she was celebrated one of her multiple, multiple weeks at #1, so hats off to her… And I just think it’s very good for the music business in general to have songs like this that kind of hit.”

– Nick Jonas on ‘Driver’s License’ and Olivia Rodrigo

He’s ready to be a dad!

Nick and Priyanka will be celebrating their third year of marriage this year and he mentions that although it was very fast and time has flown by, it was the right thing. He says he felt an unimaginable inner peace about the situation and once that happened, it was a no-brainer for him. Thankfully, Priyanka was on the same page and they had beautiful wedding ceremonies to celebrate their love.

Zane Lowe asked Nick if he was ready to be a dad and Nick said, “of course. That is certainly something we’re both looking forward to. And know that it’ll happen when it’s supposed to and we’re ready for that.”

He attributes that staying grounded was due to his parents

If you have followed Nick’s career over the years, you would know that that the family has always been pretty grounded. During the early years in the Jonas Brothers, Kevin Sr. and Denise were very involved and we believe that protected the brothers to an extent. It always seemed that they were very grounded, grateful, and were level-headed. And we believe that attributed to their success!

Nick also told Zane Lowe that “…I think that understanding that there was a lot of people out there who were far more talented with less opportunity helped us stay really grounded. And just knowing that every moment should be a moment of gratitude and recognizing that all of the things that had to go right went right and that couldn’t have been our doing.”

Watch Nick Jonas‘ interview with Zane Lowe below!

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