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Inhaler Cheers Up The Soul With New Single

Inhaler Cheers Up The Soul With New Single

On this day of green and cloverleaves, Dublin’s four-piece Inhaler celebrates St-Patrick day by announcing their debut album It Won’t Always Be Like This and launching their new single ‘Cheer Up Baby.’

It Runs In The Family

Inhaler may have just started their career with phenomenal singles ‘My Honest Face,’ ‘Falling In,’ and ‘We Have To Move On,’ but they’re already celebrated! You probably don’t know that they are already part of a celebrity family, sort of. If we tell you that the singer’s name is Elijah Hewson, maybe it’ll pick at your curiosity. Yes, Elijah’s dad is U2 frontman Bono. But his son is as talented, and the future is here to shine for him and his friends.

Image Source: Jenn Five

Glam Rock Sound

Fans of new-age Irish bands? We’ve got good news for you! Inhaler has lots of great content for us in the next year! Like bopping compatriots Kodaline, Picture This, Columbia Mills, and more, the Dublin rockers know how to create a bold, electrifying sound. Mixing post-punk, melodic rock, and dazzling guitars, Inhaler’s debut album It Won’t Always Be Like This is ready to rock our whole world!

Shortlisted in the BBC Sound Of 2020, Inhaler looks very promising for the future of indie rock. ‘Cheer Up Baby,’ the latest installment, incorporates visceral guitar hooks. It sticks in our mind; we can’t help it. The chorus is a strong-built sing-along that gives a brighter view of the universe we live in despite difficult times. “Oh, cheer up baby/You’re not on your own/Sinking like a stone,” croons Hewson with vibrant intensity.

Kick Up The Energy!

The ‘Cheer Up Baby’ video shows the band in their element. In a rehearsal studio, they kick in so much energy and scenic presence! Hopefully, soon concerts will come into our lives to catch their anthemic inspiration with other fans. Indeed, on their last tour, they sold more than 10,000 tickets and played to sold-out crowds across Europe. Their fanbase is growing so fast that most of their previous releases gained over 50 million times combined worldwide. Watch it here!

Image source: It Won’t Always Be Like This album artwork – Inhaler official website-Lillie Eiger

Think you got enough with the new single? Get ready for more bangers! I Won’t Always Be Like This is coming for big waves on July 16th through Interscope. Britpop anthems? Old 80s rock? Punk guitars? It’s all in one! Including previous singles ‘My Honest Face’ and ‘When It Breaks,’ Inhaler recorded a few songs during the lockdown. Produced by Antony Genn who’s previous work is with the UK’s most prominent names indie culture like Elastica and punk legend Joe Strummer, just wow!

Your New Sound Of The Day

All we know so far is that the album is showcasing the world from new perspectives? What now? What’s our future? Inhaler brings it to another level, with their feverish rhythms.

Need a boost in your life? Download or stream ‘Cheer Up Baby’ here. You can also preorder the thrilling debut album from Inhaler here.

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