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Nick Jonas Fans, We Are Getting Fed Good

Nick Jonas Fans, We Are Getting Fed Good

We truly are the luckiest fans in the world. Nick Jonas is just the gift that keeps on giving! It’s only been two days after the drop of his album Spaceman, and we already have a deluxe album?! Next level! This kind of unmatched dedication to his craft is why we’ve been Nick Jonas fans for the better part of our lives.

The deluxe edition of Spaceman includes five extra tracks including a collaboration with the Jonas Brothers! We love to see it! It also includes ~ chill ~ versions of three songs that are already on the record and one brand new tune! We are getting impatient so let’s dive headfirst into this project!

You can get the deluxe version of Spaceman here!

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‘Selfish’ Featuring Jonas Brothers

We’ll be honest, after Nick announced Spaceman, we were worried about what that meant for our favorite brothers. But here we are being blessed with this killer collaboration and promises made by Nick himself of another Jonas Brothers tour once touring is safe again. So now we can enjoy the music with no worries about what it means for the future. And we have to say: Wow! This song belonged on the standard version. If this is what we have to look forward to with the next Jonas Brothers sound, we are in for one hell of a ride. This song is downright incredible. It’s definitely going to be on repeat all summer.


‘Dangerous’ marks the only completely new track on the deluxe Spaceman album! This track is just a damn good time. We can already picture how fun this would be live! It’s certainly going to be the soundtrack to many nights out. Nick Jonas has this thing about his voice that is just so smooth! Even if the song isn’t slow and sensual, it’s a gift we are very thankful he has. The more we keep listening to this track the more we realize these bonus tracks are some of Nick’s best work and really showcase what an incredible artist he is.

‘Don’t Give Up On Us’ – Chill Version

Chill music is what we live for. Sometimes you just need to strip things back and appreciate the simple musical elements and the vocals. This version of ‘Don’t Give Up On Us’ keeps much of the original sound of the track – just taken a few notches down. There’s also such a distinct intimacy to Nick’s voice here. We can almost picture him singing this to Priyanka (or to us, it’s cool either way). We still think this song is the most beautiful plea, it’s a fight to stay in a relationship and ride the hardships out.

‘2Drunk’ – Chill Version

When we hear chill, this exactly what we envision. It’s giving us campfire song vibes and we are ready to be roasting marshmallows while Nick plays guitar and we drink and sing along. ‘2Drunk’ was a favorite of ours from the standard version of Spaceman, and that has only translated into this version. Nick’s voice was made to sing songs like this. He’s got some of the strongest pipes in the industry and we love seeing them hard at work.

This Is Heaven‘ – Chill Version

We are getting country music vibes from this track. We can’t quite place it but perhaps working side by side with Blake Shelton on The Voice is rubbing off. The guitar towards the beginning is really what we think gave us that feeling. This track is still just as strong as when we first listened. It’s such a sweet proclamation of love and we could only be so lucky to have anyone love us enough to this like this about us.

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