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Tom Odell’s Fight For ‘monsters’ In New Acoustic Version

Tom Odell’s Fight For ‘monsters’ In New Acoustic Version

Tom Odell is back to fight the demons on the upcoming album monsters. Due to release in June, he teases the title track, sharing the acoustic version in a delightful video.

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A Personal Journey In Tom Odell’s Mind

Very personal and with a concept around social media aesthetic frames, Tom Odell brings a new dimension to his music with the second track ‘monster v.1’ from his forthcoming album. Following the TikTok trend, the video is showcasing the British singer in a vulnerable way, with only his piano, his soulful vocals, and some stunning backgrounds. Do you feel lonely?

Be Yourself

I woke up in the night, I saw an empty cage” Tom Odell kicks in, a cappella. The monster is out. He is the pain inside, a metaphoric place inside Tom’s soul. The British singer then sings that “all we need is just to be loved.” That as a monster, we deserve to be appreciated no matter our differences. The monster is like the struggles, the mental health demons that keep haunting us but are there to give us more strength. Just a stan theory, of course, but makes a lot of sense. Self-love is the key. Watch the ‘monster v.1’ video here.

Dreamy Performance

Tom Odell recently performed a stripped version of ‘monster’ on The Graham Norton Show. If we can describe it in a single word, let’s say that it’s magic. His powerful vocals, sitting comfortably with only his piano, letting all the emotions floating around the scene. We urge you to watch it below!

Odell’s fourth album is coming our way and feels like a rebirth. We know we wouldn’t be able to retain our sobs. Fans of Lewis Capaldi or James Arthur‘s sad songs will fall in love. If you haven’t heard about his songs before, just put your headphones on and enjoy the deep lyrical thoughts and soft harmonies.

The whirlwinds of his chaotic debuts haunt monsters beautifullyGetting from number one albums to big music award wins and multi-platinum sales, Tom Odell is truly established as an incredible songwriter. But pressure comes and pressure goes. The human struggles he had expressed to help the others- music is medicine. We can’t wait to hear this record in full and experience our personal and genuine feelings as a listener, and we’re sure this ‘monster’ taster will give us little lumps inside. Listen here.

The Beast Is Coming!

Image Source: Netti Hurley Photography

Tom Odell’s new record monsters is available to preorder through various platforms here. Be ready for the release through Sony-RCA on June 25th! And if your fingers click fast enough, you could have exclusive access to buy tickets for his 2022 UK tour. Euphoria is on the way.

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Featured image source: Netti Hurley Photography.

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