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Influencers Making Incredible Music That We Can’t Get Enough Of

Influencers Making Incredible Music That We Can’t Get Enough Of

Influencers have been people we’ve turned to for content for years and years. Be that with weekly videos on YouTube or with the topic we’re covering today- their music. These artists are people we’ve felt so much more connected to than maybe a mainstream artist. We got to watch these people from the very beginning and got to play a huge role in their professional and personal growth.

It creates this incredible bond between fans and the influencers. We just want to celebrate that unique bond.

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Andrea Russett

When we think of an influencer that makes genuinely good music, our first thought is Andrea Russett. She’s someone that we have been watching since she was referred to as ‘Gettoxfabxforever.’ Seeing her grow into this confident, immensely talented artist has been such a treat. She’s proven with songs like ‘Get Out Alive’ that she is comfortable being as open with her audience through her music as she has on her YouTube channel. She’s such a strong songwriter and is constantly writing lines that just break our hearts. “So when all of this is over are we gonna sink or swim?” is just divine. She has been teasing even more new music lately, and quite honestly, we can’t wait! We know she’s about to prove to us even further why we’ve stanned for so long. 

Trevi Moran

There was no possible way Trevi wasn’t making this list. We have gotten to go along this incredible journey of Trevi becoming her true self, and we are beaming with pride. Trevi is someone we feel like we’ve grown up with, we’ve seen each other through some pretty dark times. That’s the beauty of these influencers, you really see them as a part of your life, not just someone you’re a fan of. Trevi’s music has always set her apart from the crowd. The jams have been abundant. We are hopeful that with Trevi being her authentic self, we will get some re-recordings of songs like ‘Echo’ or ‘I Wanna Fly.’ Trevi’s latest release was Summer 2020 in the form of an EP titled FREEDOM. It was an honest and incredible project that we are still blasting. 2021 is no doubt going to be an incredible year for Trevi, and we are ready for it! 

Lia Marie Johnson

Lia Marie Johnson is an influencer we have quite literally watched grow-up. She was on the react channel as a little kid and is now a grown woman blowing us away with her talent. Like many of us, Lia Marie has had an uphill battle but seeing her come out of it on the other side has been beautiful. She’s so incredibly open and honest in her music. You can feel what a whimsical soul she is, but you can also feel the pain. You can feel her mourning in her music, specifically in her last spoken word about her soulmate who has passed on. It was a beautiful tribute that brought us to tears. We can only hope that as time goes on, we get to keep seeing more and more out of Lia Marie Johnson.

Troye Sivan

Now Troye Sivan is the prince of pop and has made it seamlessly into mainstream media but before all of that, there was ‘troyesivan18.’ Since the mid-2000s, we’ve gotten to watch Troye grow up into this incredible artist that has taken the world by storm. He made consistent YouTube videos and collaborated with all of our favorites like Tyler Oakley and the British crew. After his first album, Blue Neighbourhood, it was clear that Troye was going to skyrocket outside of YouTube fame. He’s an influencer that took the following he had and used it to pursue all these incredible dreams. Now he’s performed with Taylor Swift and gone on sold-out tours. His music is pure pop perfection and so honest. He’s one of our all-time favorite artists and with great reasoning. 

Dodie Clark

We are sure you’ve heard the name Dodie Clark. She is this incredible musician who makes the softest beautiful music. She’s an influencer that we have followed online for so long and someone whose success is such a triumph for us as fans. She’s the girl you root for. Her music is something you’ve always been able to tell is so personal. She obviously pours every ounce of herself into every lyric she writes. She’s her authentic self through her music and that’s helped so many people be their authentic self as well. She has some collaborations on her channel with other influencers like Thomas Sanders and Jon Cozart. The ‘Be Happy’ video with Thomas Sanders still blows us away.

Ricky Dillon

All hail our O2L and pop king! Ricky, simply put, is one of the most wholesome influencers on the internet. He is always so kind to everyone, and that has always drawn us to him. You just get all the good vibes after watching a Ricky Dillon video, those same vibes come through in his music. He’s unapologetically himself, and that’s rubbed off on fans for years. His music has always been such upbeat, feel-good tracks, especially our favorite track ‘Steal The Show,’ featuring his bestie- Trevi Moran! We can’t wait for even more music from Ricky Dillon, and he’s been teasing that it’s not too far off! Until then, we’ll turn up ‘Problematic’ and rock out.

Scotty Sire

Scotty is one of the most promising rising artists in the game. His music constantly surprises us and lets us inside his mind. His music is so personal, and that has allowed fans to really connect with him. He covers heavy topics like mental health and has created this safe space within his music for fans to just feel heard. It’s a really beautiful thing. His online presence as an influencer certainly helps fans feel even closer to him. He’s been making online content for years- spanning from Vine to YouTube to TikTok.

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Rebecca Black

We are forever stans of Rebecca Black. She has been an influencer for years and years, and seeing how she’s bounced back from the negative energy the internet first threw at her, has been incredible. She’s truly a force. Since her release of the iconic ‘Friday’, she has blessed us with bop after bop. She’s proven herself as a true artist with something to say. Rebecca is openly herself in her music and online presence, and that’s always drawn us to her. 

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