It’s Always A Good Day When We Get New Lauren Sanderson Music

It’s Always A Good Day When We Get New Lauren Sanderson Music
Lauren looking to the left wearing white
Image Source: Hunter Moreno

If you haven’t jumped on board the Lauren Sanderson train, now is certainly the time! After the release of her album, Midwest Kids Can Make It Big (which you can stream here), it was clear she is one of the hottest rising stars. She’s unapologetically herself through her music, and that’s been a large part of why fans flock to her. Lauren Sanderson feels like a safe space for so many people, especially those struggling with their sexuality. She offers her art as a way of feeling comfortable in your own skin, and it’s a really beautiful thing. Lauren is an independent artist, making it even more important to show her all the love in the world.

Lauren laying down facing camera wearing white
Image Source: Hunter Moreno

Lauren Sanderson recently released the first track of her next era titled ‘Hi.’ ‘Hi’ is the indie-pop sound we’ve come to love from Lauren. It gives off vibes that make you want to listen to it while driving down the Pacific Coast Highway at sunset, screaming the lyrics.

The song goes through the process of wanting to save someone, but they don’t want the saving. Wanting to be that person they tell everything to that can take them out of whatever they’re going through. It’s always a slippery slope because, as Lauren Sanderson addresses in the lyrics, those people aren’t always open to the help you want to give them. The person is numb to the world, which is made clear with the line, “You think everything means nothing, then we die, I never wanna know what that’s like.” What a tragic state of mind to be in. But we know for so many of us, it’s a relatable thing to be turned off to the world.

It’s certainly clear to us that Lauren Sanderson is going to go on to do tremendous things. You can tell by the honesty in her music that she will have people flocking to her for years to come. If the next era of her music gives off the same incredible songwriting and vibe that ‘Hi’ does, then we are all in for quite the treat!

You can listen to ‘Hi’ here!

We would love to hear from you! What do you think of ‘Hi’? Let us know by commenting down below or tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP! We are also on Facebook and Instagram!


Featured Image Source: Hunter Moreno

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