Queen Will Rock Us All Again With Queen The Greatest, And Here’s Why

Queen Will Rock Us All Again With Queen The Greatest, And Here’s Why

You know Queen, right? The rock legends who’ve started making history in the 70s and never stopped. Well, starting March 19th, they’re spending the next 50 weeks going deep into the band’s greatest moments on their official YouTube channel.

And here’s the thing: we get to see these moments through their eyes. And in so much more detail than ever before. Bohemian Rhapsody did a stellar job at telling Queen’s story in the standard two hours movies usually get, but having weekly releases that go deeper into their history and the reasons why their impact was so great is going to be a whole other level of greatness.

Going in chronological order, the videos will be a reminder of the many records they broke, the hits they wrote, and the reasons that earned them the status of one of the biggest musical acts in history. And you know what we’re really crazy to see? The little hidden gems we probably never even heard of before this. And we also really want to see all the changes they went through as a group. After all, you don’t build a career of over five decades without reinventing yourselves.

Freddie Mercury singing "No time for losers"
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With almost a full year of content to show, some of it is bound to be known to the fans (like their Hyde Park concert or their greatest hits), but even those will be shown from a different perspective. We get a look behind the scenes, behind the legends, and into the artists. What were they thinking when they wrote songs like ‘Killer Queen‘ or ‘Somebody To Love’? How were they feeling during their first international tours? Queen The Greatest looks like it’ll answer these questions and more. And you know what makes it so awesome? We’ve loved this band forever, but seeing their unique story told in this much detail will definitely make us fall in love with their art more than ever!

Now, what iconic moments do you want to see in Queen The Greatest? Tell us in the comments or tweet us @TheHoneyPOP! We’re also on Instagram and Facebook and would love to see you around there.


Featured Image Source: Terry O’Neill on the original photoshoot for Bohemian Rhapsody

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