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Sláinte To You Too Niall Horan! St Patrick’s Day 2021

Sláinte To You Too Niall Horan! St Patrick’s Day 2021

Niall Horan teamed up with Guinness, to serve us the craic, the music, and the pints for St Patrick’s Day 2021. Sláinte! Happy St Paddy’s from all of the team here at THP HQ! We’re sending love, health, and laughter to everybody who celebrated. We thought our St Paddy’s celebrations would be a wash-out yet again this year, but we were wrong! Along came Mr. Niall Horan to deliver the craic! Instead of just sitting in bed, drinking Guinness and wearing a green t-shirt; we got to sit in bed, drink Guinness and wear a green t-shirt, while also being serenaded by our favorite Irish Princess from Mullingar.

Image Source: Instagram: Liam Payne

Proud born and bred Irishman (#IrishMan was trending on Niall’s Twitter topic all day too!) Niall Horan teamed up with Guinness Europe, for Guinness Presents: The Best of The Pub, a YouTube exclusive stream. We were given a visual buffet of Celtic charm; with 30 minutes of Guinness pouring and toastie making masterclasses, poetry reading, and of course, all culminating in an intimate acoustic set by our Nialler. A celebration of Irish talent, Irish wit, and Irish grub. Unfortunately, many people had issues with the quality of the stream, but thankfully, Guinness Europe has now uploaded a high-quality version to their YouTube. Sadly for younger fans, as the stream was on Guinness Europe’s YouTube, it was and is only available to people of legal drinking age.

Image Source: Niall Horan’s Instagram Story

While all Niall content is supreme, St Patrick’s Day Niall might actually be our favorite person in the world.

Niall’s stripped-back set, prerecorded within local Covid restrictions, gave us songs from both Heartbreak Weather and Flicker, plus a surprise cover, and was delivered from The Toucan Pub in London. The performance was exquisitely authentic, with just Niall, a mic, and his guitar (and his little gold earring, which deserves its own mention); in the softly backlit surrounds of a good old Irish boozer. We could practically smell the pub through the screen. Oh my good God, we miss the pub!


  • ‘This Town’ – The set opened with a calm serotonin boost by way of Niall’s first single
  • ‘Slow Hands’ – We genuinely only have two words for this…. Hot Gravel.
  • ‘Black and White’ – This got us up and bopping around, thinking we could Irish Dance. (Spoiler, we could not. Also, word of warning.. it’s really difficult to get Guinness out of cream carpet)
  • ‘With or Without You’ by U2 – We……. Can’t…… Nobody touch us. *sobs*

We don’t really feel stable enough to talk about that U2 cover, but our therapist has suggested it’s healthy to share so…. yes, we’ve been screaming into our pillows for the last few hours, and we’re not doing well hun. This little unexpected addition to the set is the first time we’ve heard Nialler cover this song, and quite honestly, we don’t know how we’ve ever managed without it. And quite clearly, you all feel the same! Here are some of your reactions, and they are such a mood that they had us choking on our toasties.

What a way to celebrate yet another restricted St Patrick’s Day. A massive thanks to Niall and Guinness Europe, for putting this on and giving us all a much-needed boost. Now, if you’ll excuse us, we’re going to go and unbutton our jeans and have a nap – We’ve had a toastie and four pints of Guinness, which is essentially… boozy soup.

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Lá Fhéile Pádraig sona duit! – Happy St Patrick’s Day to you!

What was your favorite song from Niall’s St Patrick’s Day set? Let us know by tweeting us at @TheHoneyPOP or visiting us on Facebook.

Not already a Niall stan? You should probably check out The Honey POP’s 5 reasons Why You Should Stan Niall Horan. Already a Niall stan? Did you love Niall’s performance of ‘Black and White’ on the St Paddy’s show? Check out the THP HQ fam losing our minds, when Nialler dropped the ‘Black and White’ music video, here!


Featured Image Source: @GuinnessUS Twitter

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