Surprise! Ingrid Michaelson Drops Collab with Zayn

Surprise! Ingrid Michaelson Drops Collab with Zayn

The news came out with a bang! Indie songstress Ingrid Michaelson just released a collaboration with our Bradford king Zayn called ‘To Begin Again’ and we’re over the moon.

It all started with a cryptic post

When Ingrid Michaelson posted this Instagram post, posing with a Zayn T-shirt with a simple caption ‘« Wednesday »,’ Zquads and OT5 went crazy. It doesn’t take much for them to freak out on socials, but they knew something big was coming. The fandom detectives guessed it was going to be a new musical treat and as always they were right!

Ingrid michaelson
Image source: Ingrid Michaelson Instagram

Nearly two months after the release of the masterpiece that is Nobody Is Listening, this new team-up hit people like a storm. The new song was teased on Tuesday when both singers tweeted and put 13 seconds clips on their respective Instagrams. Zayn and Ingrid made us more and more curious. Which we didn’t think would even be possible.

Image source: TENOR

A perfect soundtrack

If you don’t know who Ingrid Michaelson is, well let us tell you. She is a singer-songwriter from New York. Since 2005, she has released over 10 albums with influences from folk-Americana to indie-pop melancholia. Many of her songs appeared on One Tree Hill and Shonda Rhimes’ Grey’s Anatomy. ‘To Begin Again’ could be the next super soundtrack tune!

Introducing in all the delicacies of only vocals and acoustic piano, the song already puts on the euphoric sadness that we desperately crave. “When the world is ending I’ll hold you in my arms” starts Ingrid Michaelson with a fairytale-like voice.

‘To Begin Again’ is a tale of reinvention. In the storyline of the lyrics, the dark is overshadowed by a kind of rebirth. “But then the sun came right back/And the birds sang as if nothing had happened” sings Ingrid Michaelson on the pre-chorus. The light will always come back at some point.

A beautiful fusion

Image Source: GQ India Magazine

In the middle of the song, Zayn‘s beautiful and versatile vocals enter naturally into the ballad. His high range adds lots of emotion to the track. “When the world was ending/We lookеd up at the sky/And we talked about thе last song that we’d play.” You may say he’s a dreamer but he’s not the only one. We found our safe place in heaven with this track.

Both Zayn and Ingrid Michaelson’s worlds beautifully collided. We didn’t expect these two artists to work together, but we got a very genuine and amazing result. Zayn magically twists those, oh so famous high notes he is known for. Then, both of them embark in melting harmonies. “And it’s alright, it’s okay/We will get another day/To begin again, to begin again, to begin again” is about giving life a second chance. No matter who we are, there are always some bits of relativity in this hopeful poetry. Also, the talent shared evenly between both of them, wow.

You’ll be in awe with ‘To Begin Again’ and if you wanna singalong, watch the lyric video down below!

Can’t wait to give it a listen? You can find where to stream the track here and choose your music platform to enjoy it on!

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