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VERIVERY Talks With Us About Their Comeback, Road To Kingdom, And Where They Want To ‘Get Away’

VERIVERY Talks With Us About Their Comeback, Road To Kingdom, And Where They Want To ‘Get Away’


Although only having debuted two years ago, VERIVERY has been gaining fast attention. From being known as a self-producing group to their amazing dance skills and synchronicity, the seven members have piqued the interest of many in the K-pop industry (and with very good reason). 

After making these waves in the industry with their ‘FACE it’ Series, VERIVERY is back with the start of a new chapter. Mature, dark, and overall captivating, their new single album SERIES ‘O’ [ROUND 1: HALL] shows a different side of the group we haven’t seen before. We got the chance to dive deeper and ask VERIVERY about their comeback, their experience on Road To Kingdom, and so much more. Check out what the boys had to say below!

You’ve just finished your ‘FACE it’ series, with which you have accomplished a lot already, and you are starting a new one with this single album. What new sides of VERIVERY can we expect? Any concepts you can’t wait to try?
VRVR: This time, you’ll be able to see VERIVERY’s maturity. You can see VERIVERY’s dreamy and critical sexiness that you’ve never seen before. We’d like to challenge ourselves further and try more diverse concepts. Please look forward to it.

Please introduce Series ‘O’ which is following the previous ‘FACE it’ series.
VRVR: This album, SERIES ‘O’ [ROUND 1: HALL], is the prelude to the new series. This album shows VERIVERY enjoying a crazy party at the invitation of someone. As an extension of the previous ‘FACE it’ series, it contains the concept of discovering and facing the darkness inside of us. You can also see the more critical look and mature members than ever before.

You’re becoming known for being “self-produced” idols after editing and producing your own MVs. What is your creative process like? For musicians who are ‘ self-produced,’ where do you find creative inspiration for your artistry?
HOYOUNG: I usually watch all the other artists’ performances. I get inspiration from watching various artists’ accounts, and when I think about what VERRERs will like, I believe new inspiration comes to mind.
GYEHYEON: First of all, MINCHAN, who’s taking a break right now, produces music videos with all the members’ various ideas under his leadership. In writing lyrics and composing, I get a lot of inspiration from listening to multiple music genres or thinking of what I want to convey to our fans.

Image Source: Jellyfish Entertainment

SERIES ‘O’ is your second single album. What is the most significant difference when preparing for a single compared to a mini-album?
VRVR: Since it was a single album, we were able to focus more on the title song as the number of pieces was small. So we worked harder to record and practice choreography to make it more perfect.

A lot of thought clearly went into the concept for SERIES ‘O’, is there anything specific that fans should take note of? What can they expect from this series?
VRVR: The letter ‘ O’ gives many symbolic meanings. The letter ‘O’ can be perceived as a hole to someone while to others a loop or a dot. It can be interpreted in many ways and through this versatile ‘O’ we are trying to express our inherent dark side in each one of us and express this through our music to the public audience. We think it’d be good if the fans think about the meanings behind it.

Series ‘O’ symbolizes the dark inner space we have inside of us – how do you face that internal space, and how do you deal with it? Going along with the theme of your new SERIES ‘O’, what is darkness inside of each of you, and how do you use it to your advantage?
HOYOUNG: I think a lot. They say things get harden when you think too much, but the more I contemplate, the more answers I get and become more logical. I think contemplation allows one to find answers to issues more clearly. I use my inner darkness on the stage. I don’t usually act boldly, but I express everything on stage.
GYEHYEON: I think my darkness is laziness and low self-esteem at times. When I lose self-esteem, I think about it for a few days and admit my shortcomings and overcome it. If I’m going to be lazy, I live lazily for a day, but I think I’m determined not to be lazy when I practice hard or perform on stage.
YEONHO: I think every person’s inner darkness is different. I enjoy having time to myself and use the darkness. I think I don’t enjoy my own time with the darkness without telling anyone.
YONGSEUNG: There are times when you get sensitive or emotional. Mainly, I become the most sensitive when doing promotions for albums. Whenever that happens, I tend to think a little more or express myself on stage.

Your new single is titled ‘Get Away’ – if you could ‘Get Away’ to anywhere in the world right now, where would you go?
DONGHEON: I want to ‘Get Away’ to my fans, VERRER.
HOYOUNG: I want to go to New York!
GYEHYEON: I’ll run away into the hearts of the VERRERs.
YEONHO: I want to ‘Get Away’ to Jeju Island right now. It’s an island with gorgeous and delicious food.
YONGSEUNG: I want to go to Antarctica and see stars that I have never seen in the Northern Hemisphere, including Korea.
KANGMIN: I want to go to my parents’ house. I miss my mom’s cook!

There was a great feast in the music video! How was it filming with that much food – did you get to eat any of it in between takes or at the end of the shoot?
VRVR: There weren’t many edible foods and it was mixed with props. As we filmed on a freezing day, the set and the food was cold. We think the food looked fancy and tasty, so we were able to concentrate well. But it was a pie in the sky that we couldn’t eat.

Image Source: VERIVERY via Instagram

You were on Road To Kingdom! Was there anything you ended up learning that has helped you as an artist?
VRVR: We had a lot of experience in learning through Road To Kingdom. As the camera angle was 360 degrees, we had to keep that in mind while performing. We believe that’s how we got better performances and we were able to challenge ourselves more. And due to the nature of the survival program, there was a bit of a sense of competition and crisis, so we were able to develop based on those feelings, and it became an opportunity to grow. Each stage was precious, and we began to cherish and love every stage. We were determined to become a more hardworking VERIVERY.

After collaborating with TOO on Road To Kingdom and experiencing what it’s like to collaborate with another group, what other K-pop group would you want to collaborate with next?
HOYOUNG: It was my first collaboration. I was worried because there were many people, but I was able to perform better because of that. This collaboration was such a fun time, so I think it’ll be a fun and enjoyable work regardless of which artist I collaborate with in the future.
YEONHO: We had a lot of fun practicing and performing with TOO. We got closer after practicing while sweating together. And if I get to collaborate, I want to collaborate with Paul Kim or Sunwoo Jung-ah.
YONGSEUNG: It was a unique and fun experience to work with other artists. I want to do it again next time, and I want to collaborate with ONF. I think we can create a fun performance.

You are being called the new kings of synchronization, and we know DONGHEON plays a massive part in you achieving this level of perfection, which is so satisfying to see. What are your personal methods to get completely in sync with your members?
DONGHEON: All the members are working hard to improve the quality of our group choreography. There are times when we are tired from practicing, but we rely on each other and try our best to be supportive. Recently, we’ve been working hard on home training and taking care of our physical strength for a perfect choreography.

What do you think is important for people to know about VERIVERY when becoming a fan?
GYEHYEON: VERIVERY is cool on stage, but off stage, we’re very friendly like friends and family. I hope you continue to love us.
YEONHO: If you’re a fan of VERIVERY, I hope you get to know our unexpected attraction. Our group has a big gap between when we are on stage and off stage. You’ll be able to see a lot of different things.
YONGSEUNG: I think it would be good if you know the chemistry and role of each member.

We are known as The Honey POP! Since honey is sweet, we’d like to close by asking you to say something sweet about each other.
DONGHEON: Hello, VERIVERY members! I always love you and thank you.
HOYOUNG: I’m so happy and it’s good to see us cheering each other up when we have a hard time. I love you.
GYEHYEON: I hope the very best for our members and let’s make good memories together.
YEONHO: I love you guys. Always be healthy and happy.
YONGSEUNG: Thank you so much VERIVERY members for always working hard beside me. Let’s continue to promote and perform together. I love you.
KANGMIN: I’m not good at expressing my feelings, but thank you for always taking good care of me. I love you all.

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Okay, honestly, how can you not want to be a fan. 2021 is still in its first few months, and VERIVERY is already making the best of it. We can’t wait to see what they have in store for the rest of the year (we’ll be waiting here, as patiently as we can).

If you haven’t already, make sure you check out VERIVERY’s single album, SERIES ‘O’ [ROUND 1: HALL], below!

So, are you a fan of VERIVERY? Have you checked out their latest comeback? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @TheHoneyPOP! You can also reach us on Facebook and Instagram!

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Featured Image Source: VERIVERY via Instagram and BiBi Lara

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