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Chung Ha’s ‘Demente’ MV Is Here, and We’re Listing Some of Our Fave K-pop/Latin Collabs!

Chung Ha’s ‘Demente’ MV Is Here, and We’re Listing Some of Our Fave K-pop/Latin Collabs!

K-pop stans, we think it goes pretty much unsaid that Chung Ha has undoubtedly made her impact on the industry. If you’re wondering how her album Querencia is enough proof alone. In 21 songs, Chung Ha was able to show just how versatile she is, mixing a variety of genres but making it all her own. Now, she is giving us even more by releasing the MV and full Spanish version of her song ‘Demente’ with Guaynaa.

The video captivates us right away with its bold colors and aesthetic. As usual, Chung Ha is stunning in the MV, and her style is unmatched. Guaynaa complements the vibe of this video perfectly, and we highly recommend watching it if you have not already. The song became an instant fan-favorite. With its Latin beats, both Chung Ha’s vocals and Guaynaa’s verse are an incredible pair. Safe to say, we are beyond impressed by this collab. 

Chung Ha has steadily been making waves in the industry since her debut with I.O.I and then eventually her solo debut. She always gives us songs and choreography that we can’t help but obsess over because it sets her apart from others. Querencia does this with not only its mixture of genres (as we mentioned before) but with Chung Ha singing in English, Korean and Spanish. Chung Ha wraps up all these elements to bring us an album that will undoubtedly be one of the industry’s (and our) faves of 2021. If you haven’t listened to it 1) why? And 2) you can stream it here and see what we mean for yourself!

And while you’re here, why not check out some other Spanish songs and collabs from our fave K-pop idols!

‘Give me more (Un Poco Mas) (Ft. De La Ghetto & Play-N-Skillz) – VAV

VAV is a group that deserves so much love (and more recognition). If you ever decide to deep dive into the group, ‘Give me more (Un Poco Mas)’ is the perfect place to start and is a collab that gives us all those good feelings.

Chicken Noodle Soup (Ft. Becky G) – j-hope (BTS)

Sung and rapped in Korean, Spanish, and English, we would love to go back to the day j-hope and Becky G dropped the news of this collab. It broke records upon its release, and with good reason!

Lo Siento (Ft. Leslie Grace and Play-N-Skillz) – Super Junior

Of course, we had to include this iconic track from legends themselves, Super Junior. If you love this song, we highly recommend you check out their song ‘One More Time (Ft. Reik)’ and their cover of ‘Ahora Te Puedes Marchar!’

Magnetic – Monsta X & Sebastián Yatra

This collab between Monsta X and Sebastián Yatra is the dance track our souls needed, especially I.M going back and forth between English and Spanish in his rap verse.

Lullaby (Spanish Ver.) – GOT7

When GOT7 came out with their track ‘Lullaby’ back in 2018, they made many versions of the song, including a Spanish version, and we love it just as much as the original.

Bonus: ‘Despacito’ – Taemin

We know this is a cover, but come on, everyone should see this video! Taemin’s cover of ‘Despacito’ is purely a joy to watch.

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So, what did you think of the MV for ‘Demente’? Do you have a favorite K-pop/Latin collab? Let us know in the comments before, or tweet us @TheHoneyPOP!

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