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Fiona Apple Came Back To Claim Her Crown

Fiona Apple Came Back To Claim Her Crown

After the release of Fiona Apple’s last masterpiece, Fetch the Bolt Cutters, she received two GRAMMY® Awards at the 2021 ceremony making her first win in 23 years!

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Fetch The Bolt Cutters was released on April 17, 2020 bringing to all of us 51 minutes of art expressed by the indie-alternative voice of Fiona Apple. The lyrics and the mix of sounds Fiona brought us just blew our minds. The way Fiona uses uncommon sounds for music like the barking of her dog and her laughter makes this album more special than it already was, showing us that this album is something we haven’t heard before. Making us realize this was what we were missing in our lives. The honesty and sincerity in her lyrics made us all more addicted to Fetch The Bolt Cutters. She wrote her mind down in it with no filter.

Listen to her latest album HERE!

The music industry: Fiona’s Reign

Fiona’s music has always found a way to maintain her place in the music industry. Not only gaining amazing reviews for her album, but she has taken over the Billboard charts, proving that she owns the alternative genre, something she has been doing for 25 years! She is our music queen.

Since the release of the album, we all knew it was GRAMMY® worthy, and she would take over the awards. We were far from wrong. In the Premiere Award Ceremony of the GRAMMY® Awards, Fiona Apple won two of the categories she was nominated: “Best Alternative Album” and “Best Rock Performance” for her song ‘Shameika.’ This was Fiona’s first achievement after 23 years. The last GRAMMY® she won was in 1998 for her song ‘Criminal,’ which is an anthem, and a total masterpiece.

Listen to ‘Criminal’ HERE.

Even though the singer didn’t assist to the awards, her presence was so powerful there, thanks to the many nominations she was in. During the awards, she made all of us cross our fingers and scream our hearts out of excitement when we heard her name being said as the winner. We couldn’t be prouder.

25 years and still striking…

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We were introduced to Fiona’s iconic sound when she was 18 years old, with the release of her first platinum album Tidal. For her incredible, with zero skips, masterpiece, she won three GRAMMYs and positioned herself at the top of the genre. 25 years after her debut, she is still showing what her stunning talent is capable of doing and the power her music holds. She is the best definition of what alternative music is.

And, in 2020, she has brought to us her latest piece of art: Fetch The Bolt Cutters. We couldn’t be more thankful for that.

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