Introducing The Lo-Fi Prince Keshi And All His Glory

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There’s something about music that deeply touches the soul. Each one of us has an artist that connects to us in different ways. If it’s the way the lyrics speak to us or the way the beats completely incase our senses, we’re all looking for that one artist to find comfort in. As of late, we’ve been finding great comfort in Keshi with his lo-fi beats.

Who is Keshi?

Keshi, legal name Casey Luong, is a Vietnamese-American, alternative-pop artist signed to Island Records. Since the start of his career, Keshi has been credited as a producer and a songwriter for multiple artists. Before becoming a musician, Keshi worked as a registered nurse in the oncology department at Texas Medical Center. In 2017, he decided to quit his job to pursue music full-time, and this is how Casey became known as Keshi.

Image Source: Keshi via Twitter (@keshimusic)

His Path

In an interview on Dive Studios, hosted by Jae of the famous K-POP group Day6, Keshi talked about his path as a musician. Of course, Keshi went into how he got into the medical field and the passion he had for music. When discussing the path in the medical field, Keshi says that he essentially took a shot in the dark with his decision. “I chose nursing and I was very wrong about what I thought the job was going to entail,” he says. He then went on to say that no matter what he chose as his major in college, he was always going to make music in the end. His persistence for his love of music is what led him to who he is today, the lo-fi prince. 

When Jae asked Keshi how he quit nursing, Keshi went into depth about the decision. While working as a nurse in Texas, Keshi was also flying to New York on his days off for meetings while pursuing his music. In the end, the stress got ahold of him where he ended up having a breakdown in front of his manager at his nursing job and quit the next day. It just so happened that the weekend after he quit, he had officially signed himself to Island Records. It was as if all the pieces fell apart but together all at once for him.

Of course, if you want to listen to the full interview and listen to some of the amazing advice Jae, Keshi, and K-POP soloist AleXa give, click here

His Music

Keshi’s music dabbles on the side of lo-fi while being intertwined with R&B and hip-hop vocals. He attributes his musical inspiration to The 1975, Drake, Bryson Tiller, John Mayer, and Frank Ocean. Of course, we see how the musicians all play a role in his music, especially the Bryson Tiller and Frank Ocean aspects. Since signing to Island Records in 2017, Keshi has released four EPs: THE REAPER, skeletons, bandaids, and always. When discussing the last three EPs on Twitter, Keshi said this, “I wanted skeletons, bandaids & always to be an introduction to who I am as an artist. Now that they’re done, it’s time to start working on the album.”

Since announcing his album, Keshi has kept us updated through daily vlogs on his TikTok account and his Instagram stories. Just the other day, he and MAX gave us a little teaser into a possible collaboration for the lo-fi princes’ new album. As huge fans of MAX as well, we can’t wait to see how beautifully the soothing vocals of the two will blend. Honestly, the album release is news that we are eagerly awaiting and can’t wait to have more details. 

Besides his album coming out, Keshi has also worked on some amazing collaborations and has some incredible songwriting credits. He’s come out with a collaboration with Jae called ‘pillows,’ in addition to one called ‘forever’ with an artist named Rei Brown. He also has songwriting and guitarist credits on LANY’s song, ‘(what i wish just one person would say to me) aka happy for you.’ Another guitar credit he has is on a song from Zac Greer’s upcoming song, ‘melatonin.’ Wow, that was a mouthful, wasn’t it?

Not only is Keshi accomplishing so much in so little time, but his trilogy vinyl, skeletons (EP) / bandaids (EP) / always (EP) also debuted at number 76 on the Billboard Current Album Sales Chart. This gives him his third charting position on this specific chart and his fourth overall in his solo career. 

In addition to his EPs, Keshi has also released three single albums with one of them being a live session of the bandaids ep. 

His Impact

Of course, just as we’re eating Keshi up, other celebrities are as well. Some of our all-time favorites at The Honey Pop are loving Keshi and his music! With idols such as Jungkook and RM from BTS, Minnie from (G)-IDLE, Mark from GOT7, and Hongjoong from ATEEZ falling in love with Keshi, we can’t wait to see the global takeover that will happen.

Do you know what we loved, too? Baekhyun from EXO covered Keshi’s song ‘like i need u,’ and we got it all on tape!

With over 3.23 million listeners and growing on Spotify, Keshi will soon be upgrading from lo-fi prince to lo-fi king. What do you guys think? 

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His Fans

Keshi’s fans are dubbed as “Kults,” a group name just for him. Of course, when he did a poll, the winner was kashews, but the fandom decided that they liked “Kult” better, and so it stayed. It’s an interesting name but one that we love to be a part of. At the top of the Kult is @keshiupdates on Twitter, one of the biggest update accounts dedicated to Keshi. We’re not going to lie, we rely on this account a lot to keep us updated on things that can easily be missed. We’re so thankful to have this update account as a part of the fandom. 

Image Source: Keshi via Twitter (@keshimusic)

2021, The Year Of Keshi

Yes, not only are we dubbing Keshi as the prince of lo-fi, but we’re also dubbing 2021 to be his year. Soon enough, Keshi will become the king of lo-fi too. As he gains popularity domestically and internationally, we’re hoping for a solo tour when the world goes back to normal. We are eagerly awaiting his debut album to add to our collection and can’t wait to see the cool stuff he has lined up for us. With the amazing collaboration, the simplistic clothing line, and the growth of his fandom, we’re excited to see how far our lo-fi prince will go.

You can stream Keshi and all his music here.

Can you tell that we’re in love with Keshi? Have we captivated you? Comment below or tag us on Twitter @thehoneypop!

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Featured Image Courtesy of Keshi via Twitter (@keshimusic)

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