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Khalid Brings All The ‘Feels’ with WATTS In The Latest Single

Khalid Brings All The ‘Feels’ with WATTS In The Latest Single

Khalid x Watts

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Khalid has joined forces with the aspiring singer-songwriter WATTS and shared their ‘Feels’ with us!

What if someday your idol, your favorite artist, slides in your messages and tells you that they are YOUR fan? Sounds like Wattpad fanfiction or a dream, doesn’t it? Well, we don’t know about you, but we see such dreams every day (and keep wishing them to come true). One such dream came true for WATTS. Want to know how? Then keep reading!

Chat Screenshot between Khalid and WATTS via WATTS/ Press

Nashville-based singer-songwriter WATTS recently teamed up with music sensation Khalid and unveiled their latest single ‘Feels’ released via Keep Cool and RCA Records. The story of this collaboration is dreamlike as it is original. WATTS recorded and released the song independently on SoundCloud in September 2018. Khalid stumbled upon the song while searching for new music and talent and fell in love with the tune. Fortunately, this opened new doors for the rising singer as Khalid reached out to express his admiration for ‘Feels’ and showed his interest in collaborating with him.

According to WATTS, hearing from Khalid out of the blue took him by surprise, and he was super stoked about the collaborations afterward. He said:

“I had written and recorded ‘Feels’ back in 2018 and it had been bubbling a bit, added to a few playlists, and one day I got a DM from Khalid telling me how much he loved the song. I was totally shocked, Khalid has been an artist that I have always admired, and to find out he was a fan of mine was incredible. I tried not to get my hopes up to much, but all of the stars aligned and here we are – releasing this new version of the song together. It’s been pretty wild and I am so proud of how it turned out.”

WATTS on the collaboration with Khalid for ‘Feels’ (via Press)

Khalid via GIPHY

Additionally, Khalid added his experience of discovering ‘Feels’ and he said:

“I am always searching online for new music and I stumbled upon WATTS’ song ‘Feels’ and was instantly drawn to it. Just a beautiful song that I really felt an instant connection with. I hit WATTS up to tell him how much I loved ‘Feels,’ and we started talking about music and what we were currently listening to and how we were holding up in the pandemic. Over a few weeks, we built a really special friendship that evolved into us collaborating on this new version, which I love so much and is so special to me. I’ve always been someone who loves the art of collaboration – it’s such an amazing way to expand your creativity and open yourself up to new sounds and ideas.”

Khalid on working with WATTS and collaboration (via Press)

Global superstar Khalid took the world by storm with his first ever single ‘Location’ which he released even before graduating high school. The single turned out to be a massive hit instantly and landed him a major record label deal with Right Hand Music Group/ RCA Records, followed by the release of his debut album. This was just the beginning of a journey, something that the world was yet to witness. Delivering back-to-back chart-topping singles and albums (such as American Teen, and Free Spirit) that were critically acclaimed by major publications and certified multi-platinum, Khalid bagged multiple award winnings and nominations including six nominations for the GRAMMY awards. Khalid has collaborated with some of the finest musicians in the industry including Billie Eilish, Shawn Mendes, Normani, Halsey and the list continues. Recently, he was named as BMI’s Songwriter of the Year alongside Post Malone.

It’s least to say that this is a full-circle moment for WATTS who wrote this song in 2018 when he was in a low place, uninspired by work and his social circle while figuring out his right path in life and motivation to stay boosted. Little did that Milwaukee- bred guy, who was focused on building a career in real estate while pursuing music as a “hobby” know, that life can take unexpected turns at any point and open the door to opportunities. Being inspired by artists like Khalid, LANY and, the 1975, WATTS released a bunch of singles that landed on a few Spotify playlists and boosted his online presence.

WATTS is currently working on some new music and planning to hit the road again in the near future. We are so excited to see what he has in store for us, so stay tuned for all the future updates. Listen to WATTS x Khalid ‘Feels’ below!

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Featured Image: RCA Records / rolexx

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