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Madeline The Person Hits With Nostalgic Debut Single

Madeline The Person Hits With Nostalgic Debut Single

Finding your favs on Tiktok, from Harry Styles to 5SOS and Olivia Rodrigo, this newcomer on the pop scene will probably draw your attention. Sit tight! Madeline The Person finally release her first original song this week, ‘As A Child.’

Thoughtful Inspiration

Artists often take inspiration from the world around them. Using their life to write relatable lyrics and matching melodies. In Madeline The Person’s case, she digs deep into her memories to pen her life’s struggles. In doing so, she hopes to help others overcome their travails. She’s a talented, literal angel! Everything skyrocketed for the singer-songwriter when she posted the snippet of her composition on her TikTok account. With more than 1.1 million views on that exclusive video, many people gained interest in her work.

She recently dueted with Joshua Bassett, and can we fangirl of High School Musical-The Series’ Ricky?! Even better for her, Billie Eilish and Lizzo became fast fans. The dream, isn’t it? All this attention led to her signing to Warner. What a wonder! Watch the video here:


A song I wrote about losing someone when you’re young #original #fyp #foryou

♬ original sound – Madeline The Person

Overcoming The Losses

‘As A Child’ is incredibly introspective, taking time to talk about how to deal with vast and substantial losses in our lives, especially at a young age. Madeline The Person hums softly about fond memories and how it hurts to live through the harsh moments in childhood.

Madeline The Person wanted to express her intricate feelings without too many complexities on ‘As A Child.’ In Laura Marling or Noah Cyrus’s likes, she brings in sensitive chords to complement her compelling lyrics. “Unfortunately, I can’t call you, so I sing instead,” she tells her belated dad, letting go of her thoughts. Simple but beautiful!

If you want some cuteness overload, watch the official video for ‘As A Child’ here.

Madeline the person
Image Source: Joelle Grace Taylor Photography

Every Life Has A New Chapter

Madeline The Person is currently working on some more original material. Chapter 1 EP will drop on April 23rd. The four-track record includes ‘As A Child’ and other songs that will carry the same emotional vibes—still turning around the theme of keeping strong after losing someone important in our lives. You’ll fall in love with the melancholic and amazingly melodic folk-pop. Perfect for piano and acoustic guitar lovers!

The Texas-born singer-songwriter also prepares another collection of songs to drop in June. Indeed, Chapter 2 will be another conceptual record, this time about love, taking care of ourselves, and mutual acceptance. 

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It’s an invitation! Download or stream Madeline on your favorite app.

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